Fun Events On-Campus!

You may think that during COVID nothing fun is happening on college campuses because of strict guidelines and safety precautions… Well, do not fear!!! Student organizations like FUSAB (Furman University Student Activities Board) are still able to plan small-scale and safe events for the student body to enjoy!

FUSAB is a student-led organization here on campus that plans small, large, and crazy fun events throughout the school year for students to engage in. Whether it be DIY succulent bar outside of the library or a spring concert with a big-name artists, FUSAB plans all sorts of events. When COVID-19 hit all events were cancelled, which definitely influenced the involvement of students and their engagement on campus. But as the semesters progressed, FUSAB and other student organizations were able to make the best of the guidelines and put on great events!

Let me share some examples!

  1. Wednesdays on the Lawn

Every Wednesday from 11am-2pm (or until supplies last), FUSAB has a tent on the lawn outside of the library and holds an event each week. These events are usually themed and have food, giveaways, activities, and other fun things! Some examples include: Soups & Sammies, Posters, Board Games, and more!

2. Virtual AirBnb Experience

FUSAB is also putting on virtual events in addition to on-campus ones. Airbnb is offering the new experience of virtual events like cooking classes, dance classes, scavenger hunts, and more! FUSAB had sign ups for students to participate in these experiences for free! Hosting virtual events has been a great way for student organizations to help virtual students still stay connected to campus.

3. TAG

This is a fun example of an annual event that FUSAB puts on that was readjusted to fit COVID guidelines! Tag is a game everyone loves to play so signups are always popular. This year instead of touching each other for tagging, we are using silly string! How fun! It has been a great way for people to be moving around and meeting new people.

Hope you enjoyed learning more about what students are up to on campus this year!


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