Love is in the Air <3

Valentine’s Day is either a day you dream of or dread. It’s completely understandable either way. It’s never my favorite day of the year because of all the cliches, but it’s still something fun to look forward to!!

Valentine’s Day this year seems a little different. There is so much happening on campus that just has everyone feeling excited!! It’s not a huge holiday, but we’ll look for any reason to celebrate. Some of the things happening on campus are either just a small little pick-me-up to make your day brighter, or possibly helping you find the love of your life. No biggie.

One of my favorites is a “Build your Own Bouquet” table that FUSAB (Furman University Student Activities Board) put on. There are so many beautiful flowers and it ends up making the cutest little bouquet. Who wouldn’t want some pretty flowers to brighten your day a little? Everyone loved this event so much and it was a quick way to make Valentine’s more special!

Another fun event that FUSAB is planning is something called Datamatch. You sign up and fill out a survey about all of your interests and on Valentine’s Day, you’ll get an email with all of your matches! It’s so fun and it can be as serious or funny as you make it. There’s an option to just match for friendship or love and so many other ways to make it perfect. The questions are hilarious and really showcase your personality. It’s really fun to see who you end up matched with, but at the end of the day we all know it’s just for fun.

There is so much going on to celebrate Valentine’s Day and it makes the week very exciting. Small sweet things each day can make a world of difference and Furman students know just how to do that! Here’s to a Valentine’s Day full of lots of love and happiness!!

ALL the love!


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