Golf Cart Perks

SPRING SEMESTER! A semester filled with new classes, new friends, and new opportunities. One of the most exciting opportunities, in my opinion, that comes along with the spring semester is the Admissions Ambassador interview season! Funny enough my ‘one year ago today’ Snapchat memory today was a picture of me all dressed up for my final round of ambassador interviews! 

For me, one of the initial draws I had to wanting to be an Ambassador was that I would get to drive the giant golf cart 🙂 I was so excited to get to share my love for Furman and to meet so many cool potential students. 

I’ll be honest, my first ever tour I was NERVOUS! I would never want to influence someone’s view of Furman in a negative way! What if I forgot a key fun fact or didn’t know the right answer to a question?!  But I’ll never forget the instant comfort that I felt once I just started talking about my experience and true passion for this school– all my fears and anxiety seemed to fade away. 

It was then that I was so truly reassured in my college choice and felt so confident about where I had chosen to spend my four years. 

So I have two pieces of advance for you… If you love meeting new people and talking about Furman, apply to be an Ambassador, and if you ever want to feel confident in your college decision, tell someone about your Furman experience:)

P.S- if you ever want to ride in a golf cart… I’m your girl- Rosemary Cruse

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