Living in a “Low-Contact” World

We can all agree that the way our world is right now is nowhere near ideal and no one loves the adjustments we have to make. I think we would all give just about anything to get back to the days when we can have concerts, hang out in larger groups, or even just walk around without a mask. Even though I wish things could be different, I’ve been so, so grateful for all the sacrifices the Furman community has made to get all of us back on campus.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been worried that Furman would send all of us home, not let us come back to campus, or just make an entire semester virtual. All I wanted was to get to be on campus and meet new people during my freshman year – luckily that was able to happen!!

After winter break, the Covid numbers in Greenville were higher than ever and I think everyone was worried that we would have to delay move-in. Instead, Furman let all of us come back, but we’ve had to follow “low-to-no contact guidelines”. We have to take all of our meals to go, stick to a “pod” of 4 people, and all classes were online for the first week. I’m not going to act like it’s been the best weeks ever. No one enjoys following these kinds of rules, but we all know that Furman and the whole community is doing everything they can to keep us on campus this semester. Following rules like this for a week or so will hopefully get us to a place where we can start to have a somewhat normal semester!

We love a good to-go DH meal

One positive from the whole low-to-no contact for me these past few weeks has been that my roommate and I have gotten to bond a lot more! Obviously we were close before and spent a lot of time together, but with the low contact guidelines in place, everyone’s been spending more time in their rooms than normal.

Everyone’s been doing such a great job with the “low-to-no contact guidelines” that we’re almosttt at the end. The DH just opened up for indoor seating which is obviously a great sign. We’re all so excited to get back to normal in the near future!!

ALL the love!


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