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Monday Funday: A Day in the Life of Alex

As one semester comes to an end and a new one begins, we have a lot to reflect on and grow from. Although Covid-19 has definitely altered my day to day life, I am always immensely grateful for Furman and my life in GVL. I feel so lucky to be here and live my best college life (safely of course) !! A busy schedule fuels my soul. When I am busy, my extraverted self is thriving; it is how I feel grounded and truthfully, where I find my self-worth. This week, I wanted to take y’all along on a little adventure where I live blog my Monday! Here we go:

8:00: Alarm goes off! Happy Monday! I hop right out of bed, which isn’t usual for me- I think I’m super excited about today being the first day of class in person! Furman started off the semester with a week of classes online to limit Covid-19 exposure. I make my iced coffee (Stok cold brew and a little bit of vanilla almond milk creamer) and my breakfast of two scrambled eggs with Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning. I pack up my backpack, get dressed, and check my planner so I can see what my day will hold! Monday is always the busiest day of the week for me, so I know I have a long but exciting day ahead of me  

9:10-10:00: I have Interpersonal Communication class at this time! Although we’ve only had a few classes, I really love it so far! The professor is SO funny and engaging- it definitely makes a class at 9:00 am so much more fun! 

This is my voice studio! Singing with masks has definitely been a learning experience

10:45-11:30: I have a voice lesson at this time! Although I decided the music major life wasn’t for me, I am still able to take voice lessons which brings me SO much joy. I am very close with my professor and catching up with her is always a highlight of my week. I have grown SO much as a vocalist these past two and a half years and I am so grateful for that. 

This is my little sister! I love her so much.

12:30-1:50: I have lunch with my little sister! I am SO happy she is on campus. At first, I wanted us each to have our own space to really grow, but I think Camille being at Furman is one of the biggest blessings ever- I know my parents love having us at the same school!  Hanging out with her is always a highlight of my week, and we have gotten even closer since she’s been in GVL with me! We grab Moe’s and sit by the lake- even though it’s cold for us Florida girls, we enjoy each other’s company for an hour before we both have class.  

1:50-3:05: I have Communication Research Methods at this time! Funny enough, I have the same professor twice on this day! Dr. Richards in the Communications Department is new at Furman, and he really knows how to make Zoom calls engaging. Before I know it, the hour and fifteen-minute class is over! 

3:05-5: I head home and work on homework for a few hours! This is really the first time today that I have a longer break, so I get settled in my apartment with a snack and get to work. 

5-6: I grab dinner in the DH with my roomie! The DH has been KILLING it recently! I honestly really love the food here- which I know not every college student can say. 

6-8:30: I have my Principles of Journalism class! Not going to lie, I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about a night class, but so far I like it! It definitely is weird to take a class when it is dark outside and everyone is eating dinner, but it is what it is! Luckily, the material is super engaging so I don’t think about it too much. However, I will say it is a bummer that the Bachelor starts at 8 pm so I have to miss 30 minutes of it!  

Taylor, my roomie, and I love taking lake walks during homework breaks!

8:30-11: Homework time! I live with my best friend, so sometimes it can be challenging to focus when we are doing work at the same time. It seems as if there is always something funny to talk about and then we end up completely losing focus! All things considered, we are able to get our work done in a fairly timely fashion. 

11-12: I shower, get in bed, journal, and scroll through my social media! Unwinding from the day is so important. I set my alarm for 8:00 am and fall asleep! Sweet dreams!



If you have any questions or concerns about Furman please reach out to me! My insta is @alexandra_rick ! And as always, Roll Dins!

Have a happy week!