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My First Semester Review of North Village

Colin Klaff

As a someone who is in currently finishing their first semester of their junior year, I have been able to live in the North Village apartments all semester and this is my review!

I spent the semester living in the building F. This particular North Village building is very close to the rest of campus which was very nice for me since I do not have a car with me here at Furman. At the beginning of the semester I was not looking forward to walking to other places around campus, but I quickly came to enjoy and look forward to my peaceful walks across our beautiful campus. There is something very peaceful about walking back and forth from my classes.

What I valued most about my first semester in North Village was having great amenities that I hadn’t previously had in my on campus housing. These were a kitchen, private bathroom, living room, patio and more. Out of all of these added amenities, I would have to say my favorite is my patio. When the weather is nice, I love to sit out there and just relax or listen to music.

I have also enjoyed living the apartment life with my roommates. They make this building feel like home and I have had so much fun living with them. In addition to the people who live with me, North Village is great because a lot of my friends are also in North Village, so going over to visit is extremely easy and convenient.

I have greatly valued my first semester in North Village because it is a great space to live in with a great community. Thanks to all the amenities and the close friends nearby, it has been a great time. I look forward to more semesters to enjoy this great place.