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SoHo Community!

If you’re anything like me, living right next to all of your best friends is one of the best things to ever happen. You probably won’t have another time in your life when your closest friends are just a few steps away, so I am cherishing every second here in SoHo! SoHo is the South Housing area where most freshman live. There are 5 buildings all located very close to one another and in a central spot of campus. It’s such a quick walk to the dining hall, library, academic buildings, and the PAC.

One of my favorite things about SoHo is the quad. All of the buildings are connected by this central area outside and it’s so convenient to meet your friends outside when you don’t live in the same building. You’ll always see people you know when you’re standing in the quad and it makes SoHo feel like a sweet community. One of my favorite texts is always “meet in the quad in 5?” and I know I’ll miss that so much next year.

Since almost every freshman lives in SoHo, it’s such a great way to meet everyone. At the beginning of the semester, everyone was so eager to meet people and living in SoHo made that so much easier. You could walk with people back to your dorms or to the orientation events. You’ll always run into other freshman anytime you’re near SoHo and I think it’s so fun to have that kind of close community right at the start of college. All of your friends are right next door to you and it’s so easy to just run over to their room really quick or walk back to yours late at night after hanging out.

South Housing has a special place in every Furman student’s heart and I absolutely love living here my freshman year. It really is such a great way to start college with this community feeling. Just enjoy every last bit of it while you can because everyone always says you’ll miss it once it’s gone!!

ALL the love