My Favorite Places Outside of Downtown Greenville

By Colin Klaff

Being at Furman and located in Greenville, South Carolina, allows for many benefits and amazing things to see and experience downtown. Downtown Greenville is one of my favorite places to go when I have free time for all the restaurants, stores, and just to hangout, because it really is a beautiful place. However, while my favorite places in Greenville happen to be Furman and downtown, there are plenty of other amazing locations to visit as well!

Furman University is sandwiched between downtown Greenville and Travelers Rest. Travelers Rest, known as TR to the students here at Furman, is an amazing, quickly growing place with a main street packed with many amazing restaurants. A couple of Furman student go to spots include TR Oriental, a Chinese restaurant, Upcountry Provisions, a great southern food place, and Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse, an amazing crepe and coffee place!

The areas around Greenville don’t just offer awesome places to eat, but also great sights to see. A little further from campus is Bald Rock Point. This is a really cool scenic overlook where you can have a picnic, take pictures, or just enjoy the amazing view.

Furman’s location offers many more benefits than just downtown Greenville. There are many other places that are just as amazing and worth seeing and experiencing.

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