Getting Through Busy College Days Together

Half way through each semester, a lot of college students start to feel the mid-semester slump kick in. This time is jam packed with assessments, projects, meetings, and more. In order to survive these busy days in college, you have to keep a positive attitude among many other things. The best ways to get re-motivated and out of that slump is to make to do lists, take mental health breaks, connect with friends, and get outside!

// Making To-Do Lists // 

By planning out your day ahead of time you will feel less overwhelmed the morning of. If you know Wednesday is your busiest day, use Tuesday night as a chance to get things prepared in advance. Along with this, try to set small goals for each day or each week to have things to look forward to. Setting goals for yourself is an easy way to survive busy college days. Goals help create an ending when the chaos seems to go on forever. So, think of things you can look forward to, like the holiday break after exam week, or a Friday night dinner with your friends. Set reasonable goals for yourself that help you space out your work and studying.

// Take Mental Health Breaks // 

It is very difficult to get through a tough and busy week without setting time aside to take a breather. When your day is stressful and feeling endless, it can help to remember to treat yourself. Treating yourself can mean whatever you want it to! When things get busy, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. Remember to exercise, eat, and sleep in order to keep your body running at full speed! Also don’t forget to think of how important it is to not only get a good night’s sleep the night before, but also TWO nights before a big day. 

// Connect With Friends // 

This tip I have personally stuck true to since freshman year. Whenever I was having a hard day, eating lunch or grabbing coffee with a friend always helped cheer me up and re-energize me. By using your hour lunch break to eat with friends instead of alone, you can get your mind off of work and get advice and motivation from peers. 

// Get Outside // 

One of the most important tips for surviving busy college days is to get outside! If you have several classes in a row and spend your whole day in a classroom or in the library, you’ll start to feel really sleepy and sluggish. Whenever I have an awkward amount of time, like 30 minutes between two classes, I take a longer walking route to the next location instead of sitting on my phone or stressing about things I have to do later. By just spending time moving around outside, I go into my next class or activity more awake and focused. 

Everyone has their own tips and tricks on how to survive busy days in college, and these are just a few of mine I have stuck with since freshman year. If you have any questions about time management, organizing schedules, or anything else about busy college life, let me know! 

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