The ‘Dins Spirit

One of the reasons I decided to attend Furman University was because of the school spirit. School pride and school spirit were very important parts of my criteria when looking at schools. I wanted to be at a place where people were both proud to attend the school and loved to show up for sporting events such as basketball or football.

Some of my favorite Furman moments have been at sporting events watching our ‘Dins compete in various different sports! Most notably, I’ve loved watching our basketball team the past two years that I have been a student. The energy from the student section at basketball games is such a fun environment; everyone is cheering and watching our team give their all every game.

Although I love going to basketball games, the same goes for football games! The past two years I have loved going to football games on campus during the weekends! Some highlights include tailgating with my friends, having some lunch on the circle by the Physical Activity Center, and then walking up the “Walk of Champions” to the stadium to watch the game. The games themselves are always a great time and the student body in the stands certainly makes the experience special every time!

I love the school spirit here at Furman. On any given day, you will see a majority of people on campus wearing purple and wearing Furman apparel. Everyone here is proud to be a Paladin and we love to represent our colors!

Colin Klaff

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