Do Nots of Dorms

I don’t know about you all, but when I entered 7th grade I was most excited about one thing… having a locker! I was most excited about buying all the completely unnecessary locker decorations and making it as cute as a locker can be. Rugs, chandeliers, and wallpaper were a must. Having a dorm room for the first time kinda left me in a similar mindset– I can confidently say I brought WAY too many unnecessary things. So I thought I’d comprise a list of all the ‘do nots’ of dorm rooms!


As exciting as having your very own space is… it’s good to remember that sometimes less is more. Not every square inch of your wall needs to be covered! This is a mistake I made and ultimately left my room feeling a bit busy until I took down some of the pictures and wall art. 


If you are like me, there’s nothing better than your home bed. So, I think it is super important to invest in a nice mattress topper and make your dorm bed as comfy and cozy as possible. 


For someone who identifies as a little bit of a neat freak, I cannot believe that I did not think to bring a single cleaning supply to my freshman year dorm. Now that you are in college, it’s important to remember that your mom isn’t going to be cleaning up after you, and keeping your dorm tidy is a whole lot easier when you actually have Windex. 


I definitely made this mistake and decided to pack up my entire wardrobe and every pair of shoes I owned…just in case! It will give you a lot more space if you pack logically and only bring the things that you will actually need for that time of the school year. Also, switching out your seasonal clothes when you go home for breaks is super helpful. 

These are just a few of the major things that I’ve decided as a second year dorm resident that might not be the most practical when it comes to college dorm living. So if you ever need a bunch of wall art or three winter coats… I’m your girl! -Rosemary Cruse

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