Great Ways to Get Involved on Campus

By Colin Klaff

One of the great things about Furman is the many different opportunities and possibilities to get involved on campus. Here at Furman we have a wide variety of organizations, clubs, and groups to join and get yourself out there! From service organizations, to Greek life, to casual clubs, Furman has got it all and there is sure to be something that interests you!

I mentioned that Furman has organizations based around service. One of the most prominent service organization on campus is the Heller Service Corps. This is a not a club, so anyone who wants to volunteer has that opportunity! Heller is such a great organization to get involved with because of the many different and amazing service opportunities both on campus and in the Greenville area. From cleaning up public areas to volunteering with kids in the community, Heller Service Corps is a great way to get involved!

Another way students tend to be involved on campus is with Greek life. Furman has both fraternities and sororities. This is a great way to meet some life long friends who will be your closest and greatest contacts on campus. The beautiful thing about Greek life at Furman, that I have noticed, is that while your organization will be some of your closest friends, the Furman community as a whole is so open and welcoming that they will not be your only friends. At most schools, it seems like one’s Greek life affiliation seems to limit contact and involvement with others, but here at Furman that is not the case.

Furman also has plenty of casual clubs that people can join and attend at anytime! For example, one club that is very inclusive is the PokémonGo club. This is a group that simply gathers and enjoys each others company and plays the game. Or, the ultimate frisbee club is another fun club that is just as casual for the people that want to engage in physical activity while hanging out and throwing a disc. There are many different clubs like these that are great ways to get involved on campus!

No matter what your interests are, there is a club or group of people here for you. I have found my home here at Furman, and it is so easy and fun to get involved here with all these great opportunities.

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