4 Quick Tips on How to Make the Most of Your COVID College Experience

Stay positive 

COVID-19 is making the college experience look a lot different, but that does not mean it has to bring it crumbling down in any sense. Whether you are a freshman starting your first semester or a senior starting your last year, all college students must encourage themselves and others to be their best, optimistic selves. By staying positive in light of bad news and tragic events, college students have the opportunity to make the most of being on campus and in person this academic year. 

Take it one step at a time 

Maintain structure as much as possible. Many of us have lost a sense of routine due to the shifts from online learning to in person learning. It’s important to keep up a good sleep schedule, nutritional diet, and self-care, along with academic focus. Consider purchasing a calendar or a to-do list notepad to keep up with events and academic assessments.

Get involved in something to take up some time 

Furman has over 150 student organizations on campus. Even if they are not hosting events this semester, consider joining an organization to form a new group of friends. Whether you are interested in getting involved or not, always tune into your inner thoughts because you don’t want to under-load or overload yourself. Look around the many organization Instagrams and see if you would enjoy being a part of one. 

But don’t overload yourself with too many extracurriculars  

Always remember that it is really easy to sign up for too many clubs or organizations. I would highly recommend sticking to 3-5 that you are deeply interested in. Whether the organizations are ones you have to interview for or just ones you put your email into a form, Furman students love to get involved as student organizations are great ways to connect with campus. 

There are many ways that every college student can make the most of this school year during the COVID pandemic. My final piece of advice would be…. take a moment now and then to go on a walk or take a nap to rest your eyes and mind. Everyone needs a break now and then, especially when Zoom or the wifi is glitching. Surround yourself with positive outlooks and supportive people and you will survive this pandemic-living school year!

If you have any questions about getting involved or what campus life is like during COVID, just reach out!

Instagram: @libbyymulligann // Email: libby.mulligan@furman.edu

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