Things I Wish I Would’ve Known Before Freshman Year

I know we’ve all heard it from our family members, teachers, and older friends: college is the BEST FOUR YEARS OF YOUR LIFE! I think I heard this phrase at least once a day the entire summer leading up to my freshman year. Furms definitley has given me some of my most favorite memories, and I want to share a few life hacks that I wish I would’ve known before beginning my freshman year: 

Say YES to things: College (and Furman in particular) gives the student body so many different opportunities to thrive through our time here. My biggest advice to you is to say yes to things! Freshman year is a time for exploration- both inside and outside of the classroom. I met some of my very best friends because I decided to attend a random club meeting that a girl on my hall invited me to. I know it can be scary to go to the first meeting where you might not know anyone, I promise you’ll be glad you did! Whether this be saying yes to joining a club, or going to lunch, or even joining a study group, I promise you won’t regret saying yes and taking advantage of these opportunities. 

If I didn’t say yes to going to the DH for dinner, I wouldn’t have met my best friends!

 Go to office hours (like actually…go!!): I know I sound like a mom right now, but I am SO serious! Office hours = life changing & life saving. When I arrived on campus, I had no idea how important attending office hours was. I spent my first semester ignoring the opportunities to ask my professors questions, but by the time second semester rolled around I’m sure some of my professors were surprised when they went a whole week without me sitting in their office asking questions! Your professors want nothing more than to help you and see you thrive at Furman, while also getting to know you as both a student and person. Please, please, PLEASE go to office hours. You will see such obvious benefits from going!

Everyone changes their major: I’m a second semester sophomore and I just declared my major! You have two full years to decide what you want to declare, so my advice is don’t rush it! If you aren’t sure what you want to do, that is okay and honestly, encouraged. I spent an entire semester taking classes in a major that I didn’t vibe with, but because of my stubbornness to come in and declare immediately, I had to wait to switch out of the classes! Take a random assortment of GERs (general ed requirements) and classes that interest you your first year, and then go from there. Your advisor and older peers are also great resource for advice and to answer your questions! 

Explore your options for textbooks: I had to buy all of my textbooks in high school so coming to college and having to buy books again wasn’t THAT big of a difference– except for the price. My advice would be to rent your books instead of buying them which is a huge money saver! The only thing is that you have to return them at the end of the semester back to the bookstore. Another life hack is to go through Chegg or Amazon to rent your books. Personally, I get my books from Chegg and always have had a great experience with them! At the end of the semester you ship them back in literally any box which makes for a simple and fast return. Big fan of this hack! 

Embrace the uncomfortableness because you can’t rush it: Obviously, college is a HUGE life change! It can be a lot to move to a new city or state and adjust perfectly in the first week. There will be bumps in the roads, you’ll have some seriously high highs and some low lows, but at the end of the day you will always be supported by someone on campus: your RA, O leader, roomie, teammate, etc. So, my advice to you is to embrace the unknown whether it be uncomfortable or scary, because things take time in life. I learned this last year as a freshman, and I promise y’all this is about to be such a wonderful learning experience full of immeasurable growth. 


Take advantage of this season of change as you start your college journey. Furman is the best of the best and I am still in awe of how thankful I am to wake up each morning and call this campus home. I am SO excited for you to find your own home at Furman, and if you’re still not decided, I hope that you find your home throughout your own college process. 

I’m always here to chat too! If you have any questions or concerns about Furman please reach out to me! My insta is @alexandra_rick ! And as always, Roll Dins!
Have a happy week!

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