Prospective Students

We understand the importance of a selecting a school that best fits your needs. We welcome questions from parents or perspective students looking to find their place at Furman.

If you would like to have an informational meeting with a SOAR representative as you weigh your college options, please email We are available for in-person meetings, virtual Zoom meetings, phone calls, or email, and would be happy to speak with you and your family!

Fostering Inclusion for Neurodiversity (FIND Furman)

The Student Office for Accessibility Resources (SOAR) created the FIND Furman Program for incoming students registered with SOAR.

FIND Furman

Managing Food Allergies

It is important to start early as you prepare to handle your food allergies at Furman.

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Managing Chronic Illness

Managing chronic illness can be overwhelming, but we don't want it to interfere with your success at Furman.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Management

It is important to acknowledge managing ADHD in college is going to be a different and more challenging experience than it was in high school.

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Transitioning to College

Learning is structured very differently in college than in high school.

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Request an Accommodation

Interested in requesting an accommodation?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the accommodation process work?

Students requesting services should complete theĀ SOAR Student Application and provide appropriate documentation of their disability. This can be done before the start of the Fall term and after you’ve made your decision to attend Furman. It is the responsibility of the student with the disability to obtain and pay for this documentation. Some accommodations require significant planning; therefore, students should begin the process well in advance. Students should submit their documentation as soon as possible.

  1. Complete the SOAR Student Application to request accommodations.
  2. Submit documentation.
  3. Complete theĀ Consent and Release Form.
  4. Meet with a SOAR staff member
What happens after I submit my request and documentation?

A SOAR representative will reach out to you via the email you provided on the SOAR Student Application to schedule a Zoom meeting. The meeting will be a conversation about your accommodation request. The information you share during this meeting will serve as the primary source to determine reasonable accommodations and develop an accommodation plan. You should be prepared to discuss the impact of your disability in the academic environment and your history of accommodations. This information along with the results of the documentation review, will help determine reasonable accommodations. You will have an opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.


After the meeting, you will be sent a draft of your accommodation letter and information about any next steps.

What accommodations are available?

We provide academic, housing, meal plan, transportation, parking, and temporary accommodations to students. The most common academic accommodations are test taking accommodations (such as extended time on tests), notetaking assistance, and alternate text.

Will my disability and accommodations be kept confidential?

All information regarding your disability is considered confidential. Only with your written consent will information concerning your disability and/or the accommodations you receive be shared on a need-to-know basis with others in the institution.

How many students at Furman receive accommodations?

About 500 Furman students are registered with SOAR as having at least one disability and various types of accommodations. That’s about 20% of the entire student body. In addition, about one third of SOAR seniors graduate with honors.