Students walking out in front of the chapel

Evening Studies Tuition Rate & Fees

Tuition for the 2019-20 school year:

  • $470 per credit hour
  • $8,460 total for an eighteen-credit certificate program

Tuition can be paid by check or cash at Enrollment Services or online by logging into the MyFurman student portal. The cost to audit a class is half the tuition rate.

Other Fees

Admission Application Fee One-Time New Student Matriculation fee Vehicle Registration Fee
$35 $150 $10 per year

A late registration fee of $100 is applied to registrations after the posted deadline.

Financial Aid

Scholarships are not available for the master’s program through Furman University. However, students enrolled in the program could be eligible for financial aid through graduate-level Federal loan programs or tuition reimbursement through their employer

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Students reimbursed through their employer must pay the full amount of tuition and submit for reimbursement after grades are posted. Instructions for direct billing to an employer must be submitted to the UES office upon registration. Employer checks or vouchers should be made payable to Furman University. If employers require enrollment certification, please visit Enrollment Services, and complete the Enrollment Certification form. Additional verification, such as account balance, financial aid, and final grade information is accessible through the MyFurman student portal.