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Political Thought Courses

Furman offers a range of introductory and upper-level courses in the history of the Western and American Traditions of political philosophy.

Introduction to Political Thought (POL-103)

A survey of major political philosophers in which students consider alternative conceptions of reality as they come to light in ancient, medieval, and modern political orders.

Classical Political Thought (PSC-270)

Textual analysis of selected works by classical authors such as Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Augustine, and Aquinas. Requires prerequisite PSC-103 or PHL-101.

Modern Political Thought (PSC-272)

Textual analysis of works by authors such as Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rosseau, Burke, Marx, Mill, and Nietzsche. Requires prerequisite PSC-103 or PHL-101.

American Political Thought (PSC-273)

Analysis of the principles underlying American politics, focusing on textual analysis of the writings of America’s most influential statesmen, stateswomen, and public intellectuals.

Readings in Political Thought (PSC-278)

Patterned on the model of a reading group, students will focus on a significant author or theme in the tradition of political philosophy. Readings will vary by year and instructor. (May Experience only). Requires prerequisite PSC-103 or PHL-101.

Christianity and Politics (PSC-375)

Examination of selected moral and political themes in light of the tradition of political thought, which combines classic texts with the writings of contemporary scholars and public intellectuals.