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Other Research & Internship Forms

Research for Course Credit

Supervised Research (PSY 509)

Supervised research involves conducting research under the direct mentorship of a faculty member. Projects are typically conducted in the faculty’s primary area of research and students collaborate with the faculty member to develop a unique research experience. Students can enroll in PSY 509 for either two or four credits per semester. The specific tasks the student must complete to receive PSY 509 credit for his/her specific project will be decided by the student and supervising faculty member. To learn more, check out the PSY 509 Supervised Research Guidelines. To sign up for the course, complete the Individualized Instruction Form and the PSY 509 Supervised Research Contract with your supervising faculty member.

Thesis (PSY 510)

Students who wish to conduct an independent research project may complete a thesis for their capstone experience. The thesis requires students to complete all phases of the research process under the supervision of a faculty member. Unlike the PSY 509 course, the thesis process is student-driven. Students should expect the process to take an entire year to complete. For more information, take a look at the PSY 510 Thesis Guidelines.

Internship for Course Credit

PSY 505 Group Internship & PSY 503 Individual Internship

Students can enroll in Group Internship (PSY 505) or Individualized Internship (PSY 503) for either two or four credits per semester (35 hours of on-site experience per credit). Course activities include biweekly class discussions, weekly journal entries, reading internship-related primary articles, writing an American Psychology Association-style research paper, and presenting at Furman Engaged, our annual on-campus student conference. View the Internship Supervisor Guidelines for more information.