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General Psychology Research Forms

General Psychology Research

Login to Moodle. Choose Research Participants – PSY 111 from My Courses. Use this course to find opportunities to earn research credits and to keep track of how many credits you have earned.  All instructions and policies are included in the course.

Informed Consent for Psychology [DOC]
Informed Consent for Psychology using Deception [DOC]

What to expect when participating in research

You will be met at the designated location by the researcher, who will give you appropriate instructions and conduct the research.  Most of the studies will be conducted by advanced psychology majors under the supervision of a faculty member.

The researcher should have you sign a Consent Form before you participate in the investigation.  If consent is not formally requested (i.e., with a Consent Form signed by the researcher), you should refuse to participate.  Please notify Donna Greene of such an oversight by the researcher.  You will still receive 1 credit for that study.

You may refuse to continue your participation at any time during a study.  You will not be penalized for terminating the study, but you will receive credit only for what you have completed (e.g. if you have completed 25 minutes of a 1 hour study you will receive 0.5 credits instead of the full 1 credit).

After the study, you will be given detailed information regarding the purpose of the investigation (debriefing).  Take this opportunity to ask any questions or raise any issues concerning the research.

This opportunity to become involved in psychological research should be both instructional and enjoyable to you.  It is important that you take your task as a participant seriously because the data obtained in these studies may be included in statistical analyses that ultimately result in published reports.

Please do not contact your professor about participation credits. If you have a question, contact Donna Greene.

Human Subject Research Training

If you are planning to conduct research involving human subjects, you must complete a course on ethics from the Institutional Review Board. When you complete your training, be sure to print three copies of the certificate: one for your records, one for the IRB, and one for you research supervisor.

Institutional Review Board proposal and consent forms

If you are conducting research with human subjects you must submit an Institutional Review Board (IRB) proposal to the IRB. You can find the IRB proposal forms on the Institutional Review Board website. As part of this process you will submit an informed consent form. To create a consent form for your research, review the following examples of Informed Consent Forms.

Once all steps have been completed, the administrator will enter the study into Moodle and send a confirmation email to the experimenter. Check the Research Tutorial to learn how to use Moodle to recruit participants for a study.

If you have a question, contact Donna Greene.

If you plan to use students from General Psychology as participants in your research, you must complete the follow steps:

Obtain approval from the Furman University Institutional Review Board (FUIRB)

Obtain approval from the Furman University Institutional Review Board (FUIRB) for research with human participants. Please review FUIRB policies and procedures. Your psychology faculty research advisor will help you with this process and provide the necessary forms for completing the IRB proposal.

All experimenters on a given project will need to demonstrate that they have completed the CITI Human Subjects Research Educational Program. After successful completion of the tutorial, experimenters should send a copy of the certificate, obtained through the website, to the IRB Chair, who will then provide confirmation of FUIRB certification.

Submit the Research Participant Pool-Access Request Form

Fill out and submit the Research Participant Pool-Access Request Form. Note that the information on this form will be used to set up your study in Moodle, so it is important to complete all applicable areas. Pay specific attention to the “Description.” This is what will be posted for the experiment on Moodle. This category must include any exclusion criteria and how long the study session will take to complete. Credits available, location of the study and the researcher’s email will be posted separately, but anything else the participant needs to know about the study should be included in “Description.” Be sure to advertise and represent the study to potential participants, who are not required to do this study. Provide enough extra information to allow the students to make an informed decision about which study to choose. Note that it may be advisable to use a title different than the title used on the IRB form (e.g., in cases in which the title may reveal too much about the investigation).

Attach copies of the Research Participant Pool-Access Request Form

Attach a copy of the signed IRB approval form, a copy of all consent forms and a copy of the debriefing statement/procedure (if part of the IRB) to the Research Participant Pool-Access Request Form.

SPSS Tutorial

Using SPSS for a psychology class or research project? This tutorial will introduce you to the basics that you’ll need to set up your data and analyze your data. Take the tutorial.