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Dual-Degree Engineering, B.S.

Want to know the biggest advantage to studying engineering at Furman? Our signature approach to the liberal arts means you will have our undivided attention. You will work with professors who know your name, and get one-on-one instruction to learn the basics. That means you will have a stronger foundation than engineering students in other programs who don’t get that personalized attention in their introductory courses.

After three years at Furman, you will transfer to one of our partner schools — Clemson or Georgia Tech — to study engineering. When you complete the program in an additional two to three years, you will earn a Bachelor of Science in pre-engineering from Furman and a Bachelor of Science in engineering from our partner school. This dynamic combination of a liberal arts degree and an engineering degree will make you the ideal job candidate. You will have the skill set of a seasoned engineer, and the ability to think creatively thanks to Furman’s holistic approach to education.

Unlike programs at other universities, you also have the flexibility to change your mind. If you determine that engineering isn’t for you, you don’t have to start over. You can still earn your physics degree at Furman.


Our dual-degree engineering program consists of 13 to 16 core courses at Furman. To declare a major in the program, you’ll need to maintain a 2.6 grade point average. Keeping your grade point average at this level will help you meet the requirements of other universities, but it does not guarantee a spot at another school. View the catalog for full degree requirements.

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