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Q&A with Logan Britt ‘22

Last updated August 11, 2021

By Camiell Foulger

Educational Studies major Logan Britt of Greenville, S.C., spent her summer as a Faith Formation Intern at First Presbyterian Church in Greer. Here she shares a few thoughts about her internship experience and how it has confirmed her future career plans.

Logan Britt

Logan Britt ‘22

How did you hear about the internship opportunity and what made you want to apply?

Victoria Melin Robinson ‘20 contacted me during my sophomore year about an opening in the church offering child care during church hours.  While working in the nursery, the staff came to me and asked me to begin spending time with some of the older children in the church.  Over time, I took on more responsibilities with the youth and children’s programs, leading to my current role of Faith Formation Intern. This includes planning weekly programs, chaperoning conferences and camp trips, overseeing Sunday School, and coordinating summer events like Vacation Bible School, and supervising small groups.

What have you enjoyed most about your internship experience? How has it challenged you?

My internship has challenged me in multiple ways. Mostly, I have been challenged by the level of trust and independence that the staff and congregation of the church have given me. It’s definitely been a chance to be able to make big decisions regarding what I believe is best for the youngest members of the church. I have really enjoyed spending my time with the children and youth of the church and fostering relationships with them.

When I declared the Educational Studies major, I did so knowing that I wanted to reach families and children outside of the traditional classroom setting. Working at First Presbyterian in Greer has really given me the opportunities to explore one of the possibilities of that passion.  I think the biggest takeaway is the level of clarity I have gained about what I would like to do in the future.

Currently, I plan to seek full-time employment after graduation in May with the possibility of attending graduate school in the near future.