Professor demonstrating how to use camera

Mentoring & Advising

With some of the most diverse faculty at Furman University, the Communication Studies department is especially well-suited at mentoring and advising students of all backgrounds.

Interested in broadcast or sports communication? Dr. Armstrong worked for CNN and is a frequent marathon runner, rugby fan, and is always sporting the best footwear!

Want better reach on social media or to improve interpersonal communication? Dr. McArthur and Dr. Delancey are incredible mentors in those areas.

Want to talk about the film industry and criticism? Dr. Letteri not only studies film all over the globe, but his brother holds multiple Oscars for being the primary special effects director for movies from Avatar to King Kong.

Interested in exploring southern, religious, and African-American rhetoric while studying in the U.S. South? Dr. Inabinet, Dr. Lewis, and Dr. King are nationally-known scholars in these areas.

Are you coming from an international background or have interests outside the United States? Dr. Kwami and Dr. Lukacovic bring expertise in global communication, from social media’s effects abroad to cell phone use in the Global South!

As you can tell, we cover many of the bases for careers and studies in communication. Come talk with us to find out more.