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How to Declare a Communication Studies Major

Step one: Inform the Communication Studies Administrative Assistant, Ms. Janice Rowe ( that you wish to declare

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Field of Study Declaration form

Step two: Ms. Rowe will send the appropriate materials: a PowerPoint presentation about the department and the declaration process and two required forms.

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Step Three: Watch the Powerpoint presentation.

Step Four: Complete two forms online or scan them in and email them to Ms. Rowe.

NOTE: Students may not choose a degree track before they have completed the four foundational courses.

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Step Five: Once she receives the forms, Ms. Rowe will send you a survey. Complete the survey and Ms. Rowe will submit the paperwork to change your major from undeclared to Communication Studies.

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Rowe at

Building the next 20 years, Com Studies image