Summer 2020 Tutoring



Tutors: You will receive specific and complete instructions from Ms. Hagood. Please watch for these in your email.

Tutees: Tutoring will now be online through virtual meetings (starting Monday, June 8th).

-Make appointments for tutoring through Success at Furman

-Your tutor will contact you to “meet” through Microsoft Teams with a meeting link.

-Questions? Please contact Ms. Hagood at

Resources for Current Tutors

Being a peer tutor at Furman carries great responsibility and challenge. We know you’re up to the job. Your positive, professional relationship with your classmates is essential to the success of our program. With your help, Furman students can reach their academic potential and go on to do great things.

It is important that you are aware of and understand the requirements and duties for a tutor position with Furman’s campus tutoring program. Be sure to review the job description and policies carefully. If you have any questions or concerns about tutoring during Summer 2020, please contact Carol Hagood.

If you have any questions about tutoring during Fall 2020, please email Jean Schwab.

Tutoring FAQ

Our tutoring FAQ answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the peer tutoring program, including tutor responsibilities.

Tutoring FAQ

Academic Integrity

Here you’ll find the fundamental values and ideals of our university. Learn what we expect from our students and community. Review Furman University’s academic integrity policies and pledge.

Payroll Instructions

Be sure to follow these simple steps to ensure you’re paid for your work as a peer tutor. Keep in mind that you’re only approved to provide two hours of tutoring in a particular subject each week for each student that you’re working with. If your student seeks more help than that, please contact us.

Complete the following two steps to receive payment for your work:

If you cannot access your Workday timecard, let Carol know immediately. I cannot give you access past the Wednesday before they are due!


View the Tutoring Handbook (Summer 2020)

Get a Tutor for Summer 2020

Need to practice speaking a foreign language with a peer? Or need some extra help with a math assignment? Our peer tutors can help. Our faculty recommend undergrads who have taken their course, and we recruit them to provide you with the help that you need. Our peer tutors are available free of charge.  Please contact Mrs. Carol Hagood if you need further assistance to find a tutor.

There are two ways to look for a tutor. Please carefully read the descriptions below and choose the method most appropriate for your situation.

Find a Tutor by Appt Time – This option allows students to sign up for a tutoring appointment based on available times. This is a good choice for anyone, particularly if you need an appointment immediately.

Find a specific tutor – This option allows students to see what tutors are available for their classes, so they may choose accordingly.

Tutee Guidelines – ​How to receive the most benefit from your tutoring session.

What if there is NOT a tutor available?

  • Email the tutor coordinator, Ms. Carol Hagood ( and ask for assistance.
  • She will contact the faculty member for the class and request a recommendation.
  • Hagood will follow up with you when she has a response from the faculty member.
  • If you do not hear from Ms. Hagood in two (2) business days, please email her again.


Writing and Music Theory Tutors

  • The Center for Academic Success does not employ writing-specific tutors. We partner with the Writing and Media Lab for writing and media assistance. Please feel free to walk in and make an appointment or visit
  • Students seeking assistance should first make use of regularly scheduled help sessions from your specific theory TA.   If, after seeking help from your specific Theory TA, you would like individual tutoring, please follow the directions for obtaining a tutor through the Center for Academic Success.