Student Organizations

When you major in business or accounting, your educational experience is not limited to the classroom. You will meet talented and passionate students from across the globe who will expose you to new ideas, and challenge your way of thinking. If you want to expand that network, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in our student organizations.

Accounting Society

Furman’s Accounting Society is open to all students, regardless of major. But if you are planning to pursue a degree or career in accounting, you’re highly encouraged to become a member.

As a member of our Accounting Society, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the accounting profession. We meet several times throughout the year to hear guest speakers, meet with representatives from major accounting firms, and learn about graduate school. A $15 membership fee covers our events. Contact Sandy Roberson at 864.294.2225 for details.

Investments Club

Seeking a career in investment management, private equity or banking? Get real-world experience in our Investments Club. For more than two decades, this organization has provided students with an opportunity to manage a portfolio and learn vital skills that can be utilized in the financial sector.

Here’s how it started: In 1988, Furman’s Board of Trustees transferred $100,000 to the club from the school’s endowment. Since then, the club’s members have used that balance to identify investment strategies, purchase stocks and gain experience in the world of finance. The group also hosts events with Greenville’s business leaders.

Our club currently meets twice a month to learn about investment topics and study our portfolio.

Contact Kris Kapoor, Chief Investment Officer, for details at 864.294.2560.

Student Honors

Every year, we recognize exceptional graduating seniors for their outstanding work. Each honor comes with a cash reward to help offset educational expenses.

Fred and June Current Accounting Award

Named after a former Furman professor and graduate, this cash award is presented each year to an outstanding graduating senior in accounting who has shown high academic achievement, has demonstrated leadership in the Furman Accounting Society, and who has actively participated in other organizations that have a primary goal of serving others. Our accounting faculty select the recipient.


​2018 John Gillespie​
​2018 ​Meredith Wettach
​2017 ​Tyler Higgins
​2017 ​Laura Woodside
2016 Ruowei (Vera) Wang
2015 Alexandra Brink
2014 William Crooks
2013 ​Daniel Smith
2012 Olivia Gray
2011 Gloria Kubici
2010 Addison Howard
2010 Elizabeth Tipton
2009 Alexandra Aue
2009 Lauren Evert
2008 Kathryn Tucker
2007 Dawn Snyder
2006 Jennifer Milner
2005 Mark Stone
2005 Joshua Slagle
2004 Laura Miller
2003 Jennifer Eddins
Lawrence Kessler Award for Excellence in Accounting

Honoring the memory of a former Furman professor, this award is given annually to a rising senior to offset the recipient’s educational expenses. The award is presented to the accounting student who demonstrates the qualities most cherished by Lawrence Kessler: superior academic performance, integrity, and a proven work ethic.


​2017 ​Giang Nguyen
​2017 ​Andy Schumpert
​2016 ​Crawford Lewis
​2016 ​Laura Woodside
2015 Ruowei (Vera) Wang
2014 Heather Gillespie
2014 Alexandra Brink
2013 William Crooks
2012 Jonathan Barrington
2011 Olivia Gray
2010 Peter Soder
2009 Brittany Aloi
2008 Alexandra Aue
2007 Murry Tyler Bandy
2006 Dawn Snyder
General Excellence in Business Award

This cash award is presented each year to a graduating senior for strong academic achievement, a proven work ethic, leadership ability and well-diversified extracurricular activities. Our business faculty select the recipient.​​​​​


​2018 ​Tucker Erdmann
​2017 ​Fletcher Duncan
2016 Anton Schutz
2016 Blake Singer
2016 Andrew MacLatchie
2015 Michelle Raymond
2015 Andrea Fisher
2014 Haley Frost
2014 Hunter Burton
2013 Daniel White
2012 Sean Hastings
2011 Sawyer Duncan
2010 Kali Holtfreter
2010 Andrew Trull
2009 Nicole Palazzo
2007 James Bostwick III
2006 Stephanie Chandler
2006 Brian M. Boyd
2005 Christopher DeCamps
2004 Benjamin Hill
2003 Shaun Stone
2001 Theodore Caldwell
2001 Ashley Carpenter
2000 Philip Gwaltney
2000 Elizabeth Patz
1999 Jana Wooley
Sandy Robertson Outstanding Senior Accounting Award

The Sandy Roberson Outstanding Senior in Accounting Award is given in honor of Professor Sandy Roberson.  Professor Roberson shepherded hundreds of students through financial accounting courses, preparing them well for the rigorous Certified Public Accountant exam and graduate school.  Preference for this award is given to a student (or students) who intends to sit for the Certified Public Accountant Examination and work at a public accounting firm.  The recipient will be chosen by a member or members of the Accounting Department.  Award monies will be distributed directly to the recipient’s graduate institution upon matriculation.​


​2018 Stacey Dorogy
2017 Caitlin Richardson