March 27th – April 1st 2022

Sunday (27th):

Bird Watching with FUOC – Students can meet at 8:30 am at the FUOC Rabbit Hole to carpool to Conestee Nature Preserve for bird watching with Dr. John Quinn (Biology). Others can meet at the preserve at 840 Mauldin Rd, Greenville, SC, 29607.

Monday (28th)

Forest Conservation Talk CLP – Tim Evans, the director of Land Conservation at Audubon South Carolina, will talk about ecological forestry, tools of conservation, and how Audubon South Carolina serves as a model for conservation-minded landowners.

Wednesday (29th)

Planet Earth: Seasonal Forests CLP – BBC’s Planet Earth Seasonal Forests episode with a Q&A after viewing monitored by Dr. John Quinn (Biology).

Thursday (30th)

Inherent Value of Being a Misfit Session – Keynote speaker Dr. Maria Soledad Peresin will discuss how complex problems in STEM require different disciplines to collaborate to find innovative sustainable solutions. This type of interdisciplinary science brings together diverse perspectives. Reflecting this trend, Dr. Peresin will share her viewpoints and personal experiences on how diversity, equity, and inclusion contribute to these novel problem-solving strategies, as well as to conceptualize scientific ideas.

Friday (1st)

1:30 – Revamping the Traditional Forest Industry Seminar – Keynote speaker Dr. Maria Soledad Peresin will give an overview of the research platform at the Sustainable Bio-based Materials Lab at Auburn University. Her team focuses on understanding the structure-properties relationship of bio-based materials for the development of value-added products by fine-tuning surface chemistry and interfacial interactions. The main goal of these studies include the development of bio-based solutions for water remediation, macromolecules immobilization for controlled release and biosensing, bio-based adhesives and coating systems for wood composites, among others.

3:30 – Furman Forest Walk – Walk with Dr. Wade Worthen (Biology) around Furman’s campus to talk about Furman’s trees. Meet on the front steps of the chapel.