The Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training (FIRST®) seeks to promote running as a healthy physical activity by providing training based on scientific principles. The FIRST® provides scientific and time-proven information on all aspects of becoming a better runner and wishes to assist runners of all ages and abilities in the Greater Greenville area to achieve their goals and potential by developing individually tailored training programs. We provide testing for the average to the elite runner, believing that increased knowledge of personal fitness parameters facilitates the precise development of personal training programs.

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The 3rd edition of RUN LESS RUN FASTER is available now.  The groundbreaking plan that helps runners of all levels to improve their race times while actually training less has been revised and updated for today’s runners.  Dr. Bill Pierce and Dr. Scott Murr helps runners achieve their best with the limited amount of time at their disposal with their revolutionary FIRST (Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training) training program. FIRST’s unique training philosophy limits overtraining and burnout, and substantially cuts the risk of injury while producing faster race times.


FIRST® was featured in the August 2005 Runner’s World.

“The Furman FIRST® training programs are the most detailed, well-organized, and scientific training programs for runners that I have ever seen. For many runners, especially those hard-pressed to find time for their workouts, the Furman FIRST® programs will also be the best.” — Amby Burfoot, Executive Editor, Runner’s World Magazine, 1968 Boston Marathon winner

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As experienced runners and exercise physiologists, the FIRST® staff understands the special needs of runners. The FIRST® staff will work with runners to design an individualized program to improve running mechanics as well as maximize running performance. The training programs will be developed from scientific laboratory and field tests. Runners will learn to:

  • Maximize potential
  • Train efficiently
  • Avoid injury
  • Set realistic goals
  • Avoid over-training
  • Improve the three primary determinants of performance
  • Follow sound nutritional principles
  • Develop a racing strategy
  • Make each workout have a purpose
  • Enjoy training and racing
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