Maddie Tedrick

Maddie Tedrick

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Why Furman? I chose Furman for the rigorous academics, the small class sizes, the beautiful campus, the numerous undergraduate research opportunities, and the strong chemistry and pre-med programs.

Which professor has made the biggest impact on you while at Furman, and why? Dr. Karen Buchmueller, a biochemistry professor, has helped guide me through much of my time here at Furman so far. Though I have not actually had a class with her yet, I have done research with her, and she has helped me learn so much, both personally and academically! She is the perfect example of a great Furman professor that is interested in students as individuals. We have spent many hours together going over academic material, but we have also spent many hours getting to know each other and sharing our personal lives! When I came to Furman, I would have never imagined I would become so close with such an intelligent and accomplished person, and I am extremely grateful for Dr. Buchmueller and all that she has taught me!

What is your favorite Furman memory? One Saturday night, my best friends and I were studying in the basement of the science building on campus, as we had a big test the upcoming week. When it got to be about 11 PM, we stopped being productive and decided to go get some fresh air outside. We ended up getting in my friend's car, driving around the mall and blasting music with the windows down, and then going to get milkshakes from Cookout! While we may have missed out on an hour or two of studying, I got to do such a simple and fun thing with the most amazing friends I've ever had, and I'll always remember that night!

What is your favorite thing spot/activity to do in Greenville? Though I don't go often, I love to rock climb at Blue Ridge Climbing gym. It's a gym about 20 minutes off-campus, and it's a really great way to get some exercise and take a break from school! During the academic year, the Furman Outdoors Club and other groups on campus will rent out the gym for an evening, and Furman students can come and climb!

In my spare time I like to... Take walks around the lake! One of my favorite things about Furman is the fact that we have a beautiful walking space on our campus, and the lake is the perfect size to walk around if you have 30 spare minutes to enjoy some fresh air. I've formed and strengthened so many friendships while walking around the lake with others!

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