Hill Douglas

Hill Douglas

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Why Furman? The community and sense of belonging I felt while on campus interacting with students, staff, and faculty.

Which professor has made the biggest impact on you while at Furman, and why? Dr. Steve O'Neill has made the biggest impact on me at Furman because he was the first person who encouraged me to consider pursuing a History major when I was a freshman. I ended up taking Dr. O'Neill's advice, have taken multiple classes with him, and he is now my academic advisor as well.

What is your favorite Furman memory? Crowding into a Blackwell dorm with my friends to watch Furman basketball beat Villanova the year after they won the NCAA Tournament.

What is your favorite thing spot/activity to do in Greenville? Going to concerts at various venues throughout Greenville.

In my spare time I like to... Play golf and basketball, watch sports, and fly fish.

Shucker Leadership Institute
Kappa Alpha Order
Inter-fraternity Council