Nudrat Nawar

Nudrat Nawar

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  • Major: Individualized Curriculum Program - Health Informatics
  • Hometown: Orangeburg, SC/Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Why Furman? The reason why I chose Furman is because I wanted to be considered as a person and not a number. Additionally, I did not want to be overwhelmed by a crowded room full of students because I felt like I would not be able to build a genuine understanding with my professors.

Which professor has made the biggest impact on you while at Furman, and why? Even though I am not a Chemistry major, the professor I absolutely loved having and learned from is Dr. Anderson. She was my General Chemistry professor, and she is someone who understood my busy schedule and stayed after her work hours to help me with chemistry. I was super scared to be in her class because in High School I did not have a strong foundation in the subject. When I shared how I felt, she assured me that at the end of the day in Furman, it is not always about the grades- it is about what you have learned and how much you have learned. These words have definitely been very impactful to me because at Furman, as a student we are able to master the subjects within the span of four months.

What is your favorite Furman memory? My favorite Furman memory definitely has to be the practices we had for Furman University International Student Association (FUISA) Dance Festival. All of us students of different backgrounds work extremely hard for our peers to have an amazing Culture Life Program (CLP) experience. The event keeps all the students exchanged and allows us to share our cultural dance with our friends.

What is your favorite thing spot/activity to do in Greenville? My favorite spot in Greenville is definitely Paris Mountain. I love going there on a hike with my friends and family. It is absolutely the best place to take pictures, have a picnic, and get some exercise while going through the trail!

In my spare time I like to... In my spare time, I really love to read and paint. Both are very relaxing for me in their own ways and keeps me occupied between my studies.

Furman University International Student Association
Student Diversity Council
Minority Association of Pre-Health Students
Admissions Social Media Intern