Austin Green

Austin Green

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Why Furman? I chose Furman because of the amazing community that I felt while I was on campus. I also chose Furman because it snowed in the spring when I visited the campus!

Which professor has made the biggest impact on you while at Furman, and why? Dr. Adam Putnam has had the biggest impact on me. He allows us to call him Adam because he is just that cool. The reason he has had the biggest impact on me is that we both started at the same time and our relationship has grown as a result.

What is your favorite Furman memory? My favorite Furman memory has definitely been traveling to some of the club soccer games being the coach. I coach the Women's club soccer team and going to and from the games while also building the relationships with the women on the team has been an amazing experience for me.

What is your favorite thing spot/activity to do in Greenville?My favorite spot in Greenville is Spill the Beans which is an ice cream shop downtown that also has a bridge right behind it that you can walk on.

In my spare time I like to... Work out and lift. I also love playing soccer in the North Village fields and playing UNO with some of my friends.

Club Soccer
Student League for Black Culture
Women's Club Soccer Coach


  • Pathways Peer Mentor
  • Housing and Residence Life Resident Assistant
  • Composting Fellow