Every year, the Shucker Leadership Institute and Division of Student Life recognizes its students for their leadership and achievements. Learn more about the awards we offer:

  • Alfred S. Reid Memorial Award:

      This award is named in honor of the late Alfred S. Reid, a former English professor at Furman. The award is given by the Furman Chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa to the man in each class who has demonstrated the most outstanding qualities of leadership, scholarship, and service to the university.

      2015 Recipients

      Alfred Reid Memorial Award Furman University
      Fr- Jackson Pearce
      Soph. – Jonathan Vandenberg
      Jr. – Sven Lissek
      Sr. – James Warren Hurt, III
  • Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award:

      The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation facilitates annual awards on 61 college and university campuses in the American South. Sullivan Awards have been given to students since 1890, recognizing individuals whose "nobility of character" and service to others sets them apart as examples to all.

      2015 Recipients

      Algernon Sydney Sullivan Furman University
      Sarah McKenzie Williams
  • American Legion Medal:

      The American Legion, Department of South Carolina, awards medals to a senior man and woman for qualities of honor, courage, scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Recipients are recognized as individuals who possess the highest qualities of citizenship.

      2015 Recipients

      American Legion Medal Courtney Furman University
      Courtney Nicole Reimer

      American Legion Medal Luke Furman University
      Luke D. Christie
  • Boundary-Breaker Program of the Year:

      This award is presented to the organization or group which sponsored the most innovative, creative, and groundbreaking project or program that has established a new standard in Furman's student life.

      2015 Recipients

      Life After Basketball Furman University
      "Life After Basketball"
  • C. Dan Joyner Outstanding Athletic Leader:

      This award is named in honor of the late C. Dan Joyner, an exemplary Greenville community leader known affectionately to the Furman community as "Furman's Biggest Fan" because of his unwavering support for Furman athletics. This award is presented annually to a senior female and male student athlete who has positively impacted their sports team as a role model, a resource, a motivator, and an encourager. The recipient will be a person who is respected by athletic teammates and someone who has demonstrated effective leadership of the team.

      2015 Recipients

      C Dan Joyner Furman University
      Alyssa Davies Althoff

      C Dan Joyner Furman University
      Kevin Pahl
  • Furman's Hall of Leaders Award for Excellence in Service & Leadership:

      This award is presented to a select group of seniors who have demonstrated outstanding involvement with campus life and extracurricular activities and who, through this service, have exemplified a four-year commitment to the positive enhancement of the Furman campus.

      2015 Recipients

      Hall of Leaders Furman University
      Natalia Arenas
      Bryce Ridley McClendon
      Courtney Alexandra German
      William George Besley Jr.
      Bernadette Hritzo
      Daniel C. Hoilett
      Coady Shovlain
      McKinsey M. Payne
      Sarah McKenzie Williams
      Courtney Mia Thomas
      Andrew John Calhoun
  • Harry B. Shucker Outstanding Student Leader Award:

      The Harry B. Shucker Outstanding Student Leader Award was established in 1999 and is named for Furman's former Vice President for Student Services. Dr. Shucker is well known among Furman students and alumni as a man of great compassion. He often went above and beyond his responsibilities to help a student in need. He made every effort to know students individually and he displayed a sincere desire to see each student succeed. This award is presented to one senior student who has been involved in multiple dimensions of Furman student life and who has exemplified a four-year commitment to effecting positive change on the Furman campus. The recipient of this award will be a person with compassion for others who, through their role as a student leader, has embodied the spirit of leadership as action, not just position.

      2015 Recipients

      Outstanding Student Leader Furman University
      Natalia Arenas
  • Joseph Vaughn Award:

      This award is named for Joseph Vaughn, the first African-American admitted to Furman. Mr. Vaughn entered Furman in 1965 and in 1968 received a B.A. in English. Mr. Vaughn passed away in 1991. This award is given to recognize the multicultural senior who has typified model citizenship, outstanding student leadership, and high academic achievement.

      2015 Recipients

      Joseph Vaughn Award Furman University
      Rahul Nathan Isaac
  • Lillian Brock-Flemming Award:

      This award is named for 1971 alumnus and former Furman trustee Lillian Brock-Flemming. Mrs. Brock-Flemming was one of the first African-American women to graduate from Furman. This award is presented to a Multicultural Senior who has displayed leadership in student organizations throughout their Furman career and has been effective in advancing the concerns of multicultural students.

      2015 Recipients

      Lillion Brock Fleming Award Furman University
      Courtney Mia Thomas (accepted on her behalf by her mother)
  • Max and Trude Heller Commitment to Community Award:

      This award is named in honor of a family whose legacy was to change lives and communities, one person at a time. This award is presented annually to the campus group who, through actions of service to the community, has reflected the ideals of good citizenship. Good citizenship means that a campus group has accepted their responsibility to support the Furman, Greenville, or greater community.

      2015 Recipients

      Greek Life Furman University
      Greek Life, Greeks for Greenville
  • Rosa Mary Bodkin Award:

      This award is named in honor of the late Rosa Mary Bodkin. The award is presented to the student who has encouraged meaningful dialogue among diverse groups and provided leadership in activities and programs which promote understanding, awareness, and appreciation of the many dimensions of diversity.

      2015 Recipients

      Rosa Mary Bodkin Award Furman University
      Jayde Allon Barton
  • Student Organization of the Year:

      This award is presented to the recognized student organization or group which, through its activities and projects, has had the most significant positive influence on Furman and the surrounding community. This award is based on the number and quality of campus events held, amount of community service performed, involvement with campus events, and initiative to further advance the education of Furman students beyond the classroom.

      2015 Recipients

      FUISA Furman University
      FUISA – Furman University International Student Association
  • Student Organization Advisor of the Year:

      This award is presented to the Student Organization Advisor who has committed exceptional time and energy to supporting the efforts of a campus student organization.

      2015 Recipients

      Advisor of the Year Furman University
      Sandra Adams
  • The Leverette Sustainability Award:

      This award, named in honor of the late former Furman Professor of History, William "Bill" Leverette, is presented annually to the student who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in promoting sustainability service and/or research and contributed to efforts to promote energy conservation and environmental stewardship on the Furman campus or within the greater Greenville community.

      2015 Recipients

      Jordan Lindsey Wolfe

  • The President's Award:

      The President's Award is presented to a senior man and woman who, by general conduct and relationships with others, has exhibited high aspirations and noble humanitarian qualities of character in all areas of campus life: academic, social, religious and athletic.

      2015 Recipients

      President's Award Nicholas Furman University
      Nicholas Lau Hao Keat

      President's Award Courtney Furman University
      Courtney Alexandra German
  • Unsung Hero Award:

      This award is presented annually to students who, through their behind the scenes involvement with student life, have exemplified a commitment to enhancing Furman campus life.

      2015 Recipients

      Unsung Hero Award Furman University
      Sarah Durdaller
      Katie Burke
      Mary Logan Lundberg
      Kathryn Madison Smith
  • Willard A. Metcalf Personal Character Award:

      This award, established in 2002, is named in honor of the late Willard A. Metcalf. Mr. Metcalf was known for his unique contributions to the Sigma Chi fraternity and the Greenville community. His life has inspired many students to strive passionately toward the ideals to which he himself was committed. This award is presented to the student who exemplifies personal character through high ambitions and a congenial disposition, as well as a selfless commitment to the betterment of others in the community.

      2015 Recipients

      Willard Metcalf Award Furman University
      Coady Shovlain
  • Winston Babb Memorial Award:

      This award is named in honor of the late Winston Babb, a former History professor at Furman. The award is given by the Furman Chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa to the woman in each class who has demonstrated the most outstanding qualities of leadership, scholarship, and service to the university.

      2015 Recipients

      Winston Babb Memorial Award Furman University
      Fr. – Christina Marielle Sturgeon
      Soph. – Ansley Speaks
      Jr. – Maggie Grisell
      Sr. – Hayley Elisabeth Cunningham

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