Kubukundamana Fruman University

Outstanding Student Leader:

Jonathan Kubakundimana
 Bethlehem Belcahew Furman University

Lillian Brock-Flemming Award:

Bethlehem Belachew
Oryza Astari Furman University

Joseph Vaughn Award:

Oryza Astari
Liza Vellieux Furman University

Rosa Mary Bodkin Award:

Liza Veilleux
Men's Lacrosse Furman University

Max and Trude Heller Commitment to Community Award:

Men's Lacrosse
Amanda Richey Furman University

The Leverette Sustainability Award:

Amanda Richey                                 ​
Kendrec Ferrara Furman University

C. Dan Joyner Outstanding Athletic Leader Award:

​Kendrec Ferrara
Alexandra Sappington Furman University

C. Dan Joyner Outstanding Athletic Leader Award:

Alexandra Sappington
Eliza Smith Furman University

Willard A. Metcalf Personal Character Award:

Eliza Smith
Unsung Hero Furman University

Unsung Hero Award:

Laura Bardin
Jack McCall
Blake Reed
Claire Sullivan
Pauper Players Furman University

Student Organization of the Year:

Pauper Players
Dianne Alexander University

Student Organization Advisor of the Year:

Dianne Alexander
Stand Up for Peace Furman University

Boundary-Breaker Program of the Year:

"Stand Up for Peace"
Nathan Thompson Furman University

The President's Award:

Nathan Thompson
Maggie Grisell Furman University

The President's Award:

Maggie Grisell
Bianca Forte Furman University

American Legion Medal:

Bianca Forte
American Legion Medal Furman University

American Legion Medal:

William Lorenz
Carryl Tinsley Furman University

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award:

Carryl Tinsley
Alfred S. Reid Memorial Award:

Alfred S. Reid Memorial Award:

Fr. – Craig Yount
So. – John Gillespie
Jr.– Brock Baker
Sr. – Joe Fretwell
Winston Babb Memorial Award Furman University:

Winston Babb Memorial Award:

Fr. – Laurin Bixby (not pictured)
So. – Lexie Harvey
Jr. – Laura Woodside
Sr. – Erin Bailey
Hall of Leaders Furman University

Hall of Leaders:

Crystal Boyd
Laura Brannan
Karlee Edwards
Walter Godfrey
Jonathan Kubakundimana
Tori Levine
Bridget Lorenz
Matthew Powell
Nick Richardi
Alicia Russell
Courtney Such
Jordan Tapp

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