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On Tuesday, March 18, 2014 between 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., rising fourth-year students will have the opportunity to participate in The Vinings Lottery. These students may enter the lottery as a group of three, a pair, or an individual. Students may also enter in various gender pairings. Each group will receive a random computer-generated lottery number.

Once the submission window closes, the computer will order the groupings by lottery number. Rising fourth-year students selected to live at The Vinings will be notified at the designated time. Students not selected to live at The Vinings must plan to participate in the room selection process for North Village (March 31- April 4) and/or the residence halls (April 7-10).

  • Scholarships for student-athletes DO NOT apply to one-bedroom apartments at The Vinings.
  • Baseball players and other spring athletes who receive a Vinings assignment will be required to vacate The Vinings at the end of their contract and will have the option to return to the main campus for housing until the season ends.

Rising fourth and fifth-year students are strongly encouraged to attend an informational session at the Vinings Clubhouse on Thursday, February 20, at 4 p.m.  Tours of the model apartment will be available.

If you are unable to attend, you may also schedule a tour of the model apartment at any time by calling 864.246.4028.

What is The Vinings?

The Vinings at Duncan Chapel is a 196-unit apartment complex just outside the Timmons Arena gate at Furman University. Since 2008, Furman University is the owner/manager of this property that houses some students and faculty/staff, as well as the general public. The complex offers one, two, and three bedroom units and includes a clubhouse, swimming pool, parking garages and storage units. The brick and siding structures of the Vinings, and the wrought-iron front gate accented with a water fountain, complement the campus architecture. For more information, refer to

Who is eligible to live at The Vinings?

Any rising fourth-year student who has submitted their intention to live there at Housing Intentions by Wednesday, February 26, 2014. Additionally, rising fifth-year students and married students are eligible and must submit the appropriate forms by February 26. Other students approved to live off campus via the exemption process are not eligible to live at The Vinings.


Is The Vinings considered on or off campus?

The Vinings is considered overflow campus housing that is owned by Furman University; as a result, student residents are responsible for abiding by University policies.


How many students will be allowed to live there?

A predetermined number of rising fourth-year students will have the option of living at The Vinings. This number will be unknown until March 17, 2014. This number is determined using the following formula:

Projected enrollment for Fall 2013


Total # of beds available on campus


# off-campus exemptions


# of rising fourth-year students permitted to live at The Vinings


This formula allows for all available beds on the main campus to be filled first. The number of beds that exceed capacity on the main campus is the number of students allowed to live at The Vinings. For this reason, once the number of Vinings student residents is determined, no additional exemptions for The Vinings are made. Students should view the Vinings as "overflow" housing.

How much does it cost to live there?

Similar to living on campus, students living at The Vinings will be billed individually each semester and financial aid and scholarships will apply. The individual housing rates for 2014-15 are listed below.

Projected 2014-15 Housing Rates

(pending approval by Board of Trustees in April)

Summer weekly rates can be found at Housing Rates.


Semester Rate


Academic Year

The Vinings Three-Bedroom Apt.



The Vinings Three-Bedroom Apt. (Master)



The Vinings Two-Bedroom Apt.



The Vinings One-Bedroom Apt



Student residents at The Vinings must pay separately for storage units, garages, and pet deposits (if desired).  Unlike community residents living at The Vinings, students will not have to pay an application fee, have a background check, pay a lease deposit, or have a co-signer.  Similar to community residents, student residents must provide their own furniture and pay their own utility costs (except water).  Estimated monthly utility costs are below:

Cost per apartment per month


Cable & Internet















Can I rent furniture?

Yes, Furman works with Furniture Services, Inc. (FSI) to provide furniture for residents for an additional monthly fee.  Prices are available here​.


Do I have to sign a lease?

Students must each individually sign a lease once approved through The Vinings Lottery.  Click here  to view a copy of the lease.  The lease provides student residents with access from May 11, 2013 through May 11, 2014.  Students must be willing to be assigned to a Vinings apartment for the entire academic year (except for students who complete degree requirements in December). Mid-May to mid-August is optional with a summer weekly rate.  In addition, only one student per bedroom is allowed in each apartment and subletting is prohibited.


 When can I access my Vinings apartment?

Students have three options for accessing their Vinings apartment:

1.      You may remain in your current spring assignment until your Vinings apartment is ready.  All Vinings apartments will be ready for occupancy May 18 and moves from North Village or the residence halls must be completed by May 19.  You will be contacted if the apartment is ready any earlier.  Students with a current assignment in a building scheduled for summer refurbishment (North Village G, H, I, and K in 2013) will need to relocate to The Vinings prior to May 14. Moves will be coordinated by the Vinings Management Office.

2.      You must check out of your current spring assignment by May 8 (residence halls) or May 10 (North Village & Green Belt) and return to check into your Vinings apartment at any pre-arranged time between May 19 and August 24. The summer weekly rate begins at the time of check in and applies through the remainder of the summer.

3.      You may check out of your current spring assignment by May 8 (residence halls) or May 11 (North Village & Green Belt) and return on August 24, 2014 to check into your Vinings apartment.

Students assigned to The Vinings will be required to sign an intent to lease by March 24 at The Vinings Management Office and will request a check-in date at that time. The contract will be established based on the check-in date provided on the intent form. Should a student later request to check into an apartment earlier than the initial request date, approval will be granted based on availability of the apartment at that time. It is NOT the responsibility of The Vinings Management Office to hold a student apartment open prior to the requested check-in date.


When do I have to move out of my spring assignment if I will not be moving directly to The Vinings for the summer on May 18-19?

Students who are unable to move to The Vinings on May 18-19 must check out of their spring housing assignment on May 11 by 1pm (North Village/Green Belt) or May 8 by 5pm (residence halls). Only students who have signed an intent to lease at The Vinings by March 25 and can move to The Vinings on May 18-19 will be granted an extension in campus housing. There is no additional charge for students who transition on May 18-19 as instructed. Failure to transition to The Vinings according to this schedule will result in fines. These dates are critical in order to prepare for summer camps and conferences who will be arriving to campus.


What's the difference between North Village and The Vinings?

The chart below will provide the major differences between living in North Village and The Vinings.

Amenity or Service

North Village

The Vinings










Washer & Dryer

Yes (laundry rooms in each building)

Yes (in each apartment)




Utility: Water included in housing rate



Utility: Electricity included in housing rate



Utility: Phone line included in housing rate



Utility: Internet included in housing rate



Outdoor Pool



Gym Access

Yes (in the PAC)

Yes (on property and the PAC)

Access to Apartment

August 25, 2013 to     May 11, 2014

May 11, 2013 to May 11, 2014


North Village

The Vinings


Fish only

Small animals are allowed with a deposit

* Refer to The Helmsman for policy details.


Who can live at The Vinings during the summer? 

Only students assigned to The Vinings for 2014-15 can live in their apartment during the summer.  These students may NOT sublet to other students and will be subject to violating their lease contract if they do sublet.  Other students who need summer housing can apply to live in North Village during the summer or can choose to live off campus. The Vinings no longer offers three-month student leases for the summer.

Students will be billed a weekly summer rate (Sunday to Saturday) beginning with the week they check in at The Vinings. See Housing Rates.


Can fifth-year students, married students and graduate students live at The Vinings?

Yes, but with individual guidelines:

·         Fifth-year students must submit their intention to live at The Vinings by Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at MyFurman Portal.  In addition, the Fifth-year exemption form must be completed (a prompt will be received when the intention is entered). Fifth-year students will be charged the student housing rate.  If applicable, fifth-year students may pay for the fall semester only and check out in late December after completing graduation requirements.   Students who complete graduation requirements must move out of student housing by December 31, 2014.

      Roommates should be aware that another student could be assigned to replace a graduating student or roommates may be required to move to an apartment where the number of occupants matches the number of bedrooms. Therefore, it is recommended that students who reside together at The Vinings be on the same graduation schedule.

·         Married students must contact the Assignments Coordinator by Wednesday, February 26, 2014.  If both individuals are Furman students, they must sign a lease for a two-bedroom apartment and each resident will be billed the student rate.  If one individual is a student and the other is not, the couple will be considered community residents (ie. pay application fee, pay deposit, monthly rent, etc.) and may contact the Vinings Management office at 246-4028 to make arrangements after receiving approval from the Director of Housing & Residence Life (through the Assignments Coordinator).

·         Graduate students will be considered community residents (ie. pay application fee, pay deposit, monthly rent, etc.) and may contact the Vinings Management office at 246-4028 to make arrangements at any time.  Due to Fair Housing Laws, graduate students are unable to reside with undergraduate students.


If approved for an off-campus exemption, can I live at The Vinings?

No.  Students approved for an exemption to live off campus are not allowed to live in campus-owned housing.  Only residents selected according to the guidelines outlined on this webpage are allowed to live at The Vinings (this includes rising fifth-year and married students who request The Vinings).


Can I study away and live at The Vinings?

Yes.  However, you must be willing to pay the full housing cost for the apartment while studying away.


What is the parking status for students who live there?

Student residents will have commuter status.


Are Vinings residents required to have a meal plan?

Yes, students living at The Vinings must have a minimum of the commuter meal plan.


What safety and security measures are in place there? 

Similar to living on campus, the Vinings complex is open to the community.  Each apartment has sprinklers and smoke detectors.  The Travelers Rest City Fire Department responds to all alarms.  Furman's Public Safety patrols the property and responds to all emergencies.  Two Public Safety officers live on the property and serve the residents as courtesy officers.  Vinings staff will conduct fire and safety inspections each semester.


Which buildings will students live in at The Vinings?

Furman students and community residents are interspersed throughout the complex.  Students are not assigned to designated buildings.


 How does The Vinings Lottery work?

    1. Submit your intention to participate in The Vinings Lottery by Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at Housing Intentions in MyFurman Portal.
    2. Review this webpage thoroughly to have a clear understanding of Furman's expectations for living at The Vinings.
    3. Review a copy of the lease agreement.
    4. Eligible students may enter the Vinings Lottery through My Furman Portal as a group of three, a pair, or an individual on Tuesday, March 18.  Students may also enter in various gender pairings.  Each group will receive a random computer-generated lottery number.  Once the submission window closes, the computer will order the groupings by lottery number.
    5. Rising fourth-year students selected to live at The Vinings will be notified at the designated time.
    6. Students NOT selected to live at The Vinings must plan to participate in the room selection process for North Village  and/or the residence halls .
    7. Students selected during The Vinings Lottery must sign their lease agreement between March 20-24, 2014.  At this time, those students will be given the opportunity to provide the Vinings Manager with their preferences (building, floor level, etc.).  Specific apartment assignments will be made according to each group's lottery number.


Why are all three bedroom options being combined into the same window of time rather than separating them?

Based on feedback from students who participated for assignments at The Vinings in past lotteries, the majority believed it to be a more fair process to give all students one opportunity for a Vinings assignment. This change is in response to student feedback.

Will there be a waiting list for The Vinings?

Yes.  Students not selected by The Vinings Lottery will be automatically placed on a waiting list in the order of their group's lottery number.  If additional students are needed to live at The Vinings, the students on the waiting list will be contacted by Housing & Residence Life.  In the meantime, these students must participate in the Housing Lottery to secure an assignment on campus.  The waiting list meeting for The Vinings is scheduled for Wednesday, March 19, at 4 p.m. at the North Village Building J Community Center, Room 200-G.


Will students who do not get an assignment in The Vinings lottery receive a placement in North Village without having to participate in the North Village lottery?

Housing & Residence Life is unable to commit to placing these students in North Village prior to the North Village lottery until The Vinings lottery is complete and the exact number of students who fall into this category can be determined. We will make a decision on March 19 and communicate options at The Vinings waiting list meeting on the afternoon of March 19. Names of other students who did not receive an assignment will be shared in order for students to be able to gather groups of four for the North Village lottery if needed. Keep in mind that these students will all be rising fourth or fifth-year students and will enter the North Village lottery with the maximum seniority. This level of seniority will ensure a private bedroom apartment as long as a representative of the group enters the lottery in the appropriate window of time.


What happens if a student does not fulfill the lease agreement?

Any student who fails to fulfill the lease agreement is responsible for the housing charges associated with the semester in which the lease is broken.  Should any student within an apartment move out for any reason, Housing & Residence Life reserves the right to fill the vacancy with another student or require the remaining residents to consolidate into an apartment with the number of beds matching the number of residents.


If you have any questions about the Housing Lottery, please call 864-294-2092.

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