Enrollment Deposits

Enrollment Deposits

To reserve a place in the university, all new students who plan to enroll at Furman must make a non-refundable enrollment deposit of $500. This payment is not covered by scholarship or financial aid. It will be held until the student graduates or leaves at the end of an academic year. Entering freshmen must submit the deposit as outlined by Admission. The enrollment deposit establishes eligibility for new students to receive registration materials. The enrollment deposit is not refundable to students who decide not to enroll or who withdraw for any reason, except graduation, during the academic school year. The deposit will be refunded, less any fees owed the university, if the student has completed the academic year or has completed graduation requirements during the academic year.

New Student Housing Requests and Roommate Matching

So that the best possible roommate selections can be made, Housing and Residence Life does not begin the matching/assignment process until after the deadline for submission of the Housing Assignment Request Forms. New students should expect to receive a room assignment and roommate information by email in mid-July.

Housing and Residence Life gives considerable time and thought to matching roommates. All new resident students should carefully complete the Housing Assignment Request Form. We strongly believe in the success of our roommate matching process; therefore, we do not allow new students to choose their own roommate(s).

Housing Lottery

Each spring semester, all students living in campus housing the following fall semester (except new students) are expected to participate in an online room selection process known as the Housing Lottery. This process is designed to offer students a range of housing options while maintaining the integrity of the process through fair and consistent implementation. The Housing Lottery is a student-designed process that gives priority for selecting room assignments based on a student's start year in college. To further determine a group's priority, a random number is computer generated when the group submits their request online. 

A student's official classification through the Academic Records office and the number of academic hours a student has earned has no bearing on a student's housing assignment. A student's eligibility or priority is determined by their start-year in college. The start-year for a transfer student is based on when the student started college, not when the student enrolled at Furman. Roommates must be the same gender. Details regarding the Housing Lottery are made available to students and parents by mid-February.

Current third- and fourth-year students living in North Village are given the opportunity to retain their current apartment for the upcoming year if the following conditions are met prior to the Housing Lottery:

  • Names of four eligible students are submitted on the request form by the designated deadline.
  • At least two residents currently live in the apartment during the spring semester. 
  • All four residents must be rising third- or fourth-year students.
  • All four residents must participate in the Student Intentions process by the established deadline.
  • No student listed on the request is studying away fall semester, unless s/he agrees to pay 75% of the housing rate to reserve the fall assignment.
  • The apartment being requested is NOT the Resident Assistant's apartment.
  • None of the students on the request are currently second-year students currently residing in North Village.

Living Off-Campus

Although Furman University has a four-year residency requirement, a number of students are allowed to live off-campus. These students must apply to live off-campus during a designated period of time (usually in February) based on one of the following criteria:

  • Student will be living with parent(s)/guardian(s) and commuting to campus.
  • Student will be a rising fourth-year student and will be living in a fraternity house.  Each fraternity is allowed to choose a predetermined number of rising fourth-year students to live in their house.
  • Student is married or will be married during the upcoming academic year.
  • Student is a rising fifth-year student.  Rising fifth-year students must apply to live off-campus unless they can 1) commit to living on-campus both semesters, 2) fill-in for a student who is studying away or on a leave of absence for the fall semester only, or 3) live at The Vinings for fall and/or spring semesters.
  • Student has a medical situation that requires off-campus accommodations, which does not include The Vinings.
  • Student has a financial situation that requires off-campus accommodations, which does not include The Vinings.
  • Student is a graduate student.
If approved, students must reapply for this exemption to live off-campus again the following year. Students who want to apply to live off-campus after the designated period of time must appeal in writing to the Director of Housing and Residence Life. Please note that only extreme circumstances will even be considered. Please note: Any student with a scholarship that covers their room cost is not eligible to live off campus. 
In support of the University's budgetary goals, Housing and Residence Life must make every effort to see that campus housing is filled to capacity throughout the year. This goal cannot be achieved if everyone is assigned housing during the regular assignment process spring term. Otherwise, those who decide (between May and August) to withdraw from the University will leave empty spaces. It is estimated that between 30 and 40 men and 30 and 40 women will be placed on a waiting list and assigned campus housing once attrition and the consolidation of those left without roommates has occurred. In most cases, Housing and Residence Life will make waiting list assignments in early August. By waiting until most activity has occurred, Housing & Residence Life can try to keep waiting list students in roommate pairs and assign them in preferred areas.
Housing and Residence Life also recognizes that students will not always get the assignment they desire and/or request during the assignment process.  Therefore, students may contact the Assignments Team and request to be placed on the waiting list for a specific type of housing (i.e. single residence hall room or North Village bedroom). Priority is given based on the lottery number for students who participated in the Housing Lottery and then in the order that a student's name is added to the waiting list. When a space becomes available, the next student on the list will be offered the assignment.  If the student declines, then the next student on the list will be offered the assignment and so on. This waiting list process only applies during the summer for fall semester assignments.

North Village Waiting List

Due to the difference between class enrollment size and the breakdown in housing capacity, often not all third-year students and fourth-year students are able to live in North Village. The students who do not obtain an assignment in North Village during the Housing Lottery MUST proceed through the remainder of the Housing Lottery to get an assignment in the residence halls. These students will also be placed on the North Village waiting list as stipulated in the section above on undesirable assignments.

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Studying Away

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Roommate Conflicts

Although strategic efforts are made during the pairing process, Housing & Residence Life acknowledges that not all roommate pairings will be successful. The vast majority of the time, a lack of communication is at the root of the problem in a roommate conflict. We encourage our students to be assertive and communicate with their roommate when an issue or conflict arises.

If this communication between roommates does not solve the problem,the student(s) need to notify their Resident Assistant (RA). RAs are trained to help mediate conflicts between roommates. If the RA is unable to assist the student(s), the RA and/or student(s) needs to contact the Assistant Director for their respective living area. Assistant Directors are professional Housing and Residence Life staff members with special expertise in mediating roommate conflicts. Housing and Residence Life will not move a student to another room unless this is the only reasonable outcome as determined by an Assistant Director. At a minimum, roommates are expected to communicate their concerns in a controlled, mediated environment facilitated by the Assistant Director.

Requesting a Room Change, New Assignment, or Cancellation Housing

Fall semester assignments are made for returning students during April and for new students in July. Students are given the opportunity to request room changes at periodic intervals throughout the academic year: a few weeks after fall semester begins and when the Spring Semester Housing Request Forms are due in November.
Recognizing that not all roommate pairings are successful, Housing and Residence Life provides a five-day window of time a few weeks into the fall semester for students to change rooms. A student who wants to change rooms must find another student willing to switch rooms and all roommates impacted must be in agreement. These students must come to Housing and Residence Life during that five-day window of time and sign a form together to request approval for the room change. Students studying away, on a leave of absence, filling-in for another student, or wanting a different type of housing will be given the opportunity to submit an on-line request in November for the spring semester. Housing and Residence Life's goal is to accommodate as many of these requests as possible in a fair and consistent manner according to the priority process below.
New Assignments:
  • The first step involves the Assignments Team assigning students who have made their own arrangements with the agreement of all impacted and with the approval of Housing and Residence Life. For instance, a student is transferring from Furman after fall semester and is currently living in North Village. If there is a third- or fourth-year student who the remaining three residents would like to live with them for the spring semester, the three North Village residents and the preferred new roommate each need to complete the Spring Housing Assignments Request form to make that request. The assignment change will be made automatically pending all students impacted confirm the request and the student transferring confirms their departure from Furman.
  • The next step is to allow residents with a vacant space in their room/apartment to choose a student they know from a list of students who still need an assignment. If all students impacted confirm through submission of the Spring Housing Assignments Request form, then the assignment will be made.
  • The third step involves the Assignments Team accommodating requests based on a students' start year in college (i.e. a fourth-year student has priority over a third-year student and so on). These requests will be further prioritized based on the best roommate match as determined by Housing and Residence Life.

  • Transfer or Withdrawal: Once a student has decided to transfer or withdraw from Furman, the student must notify Housing & Residence Life so their assignment can be cancelled.
  • Graduating, Studying Away, or Taking a Leave of Absence: Once a student has decided to study away, take a leave of absence, or has been informed that they are graduating from Furman, the student must notify Housing & Residence Life so their assignment can be canceled.  regarding a refund of the enrollment deposit.

Vacant Space

Students who have a vacant space(s) in their room or apartment may be assigned a roommate(s) at any time if Housing and Residence Life deems it necessary. Housing and Residence Life will strive to make these assignments as described above. Under certain circumstances, students may be required to move into another room so that the needs of students desiring to live together may be accommodated. Students with vacant spaces in their room or apartment may request a specific roommate during designated periods throughout the year to prevent having to change rooms or being assigned a roommate they do not know. Housing and Residence Life will make every effort to notify students in advance if any changes will be taking place concerning their rooming situation. Please be aware, however, that sometimes it will be necessary for Housing and Residence Life to make last-minute changes that may not allow much advance notice.

May Experience

Students will be given the option but are not required to reside in campus housing during May Experience. Students must either be enrolled in a May X course or employed by the University to live in campus housing during the month of May. Student-athletes still "in season" will be allowed to live in campus housing until the official season ends. Any requests for an exception to this policy must be submitted to the Director of Housing and Residence Life.

Designated buildings in North Village are set aside for summer housing for any student desiring to live on-campus during the summer months. Students do not have to be enrolled in summer classes to live on-campus. Many students work in Greenville, do research for a professor, or assist with summer camps.  Non-Furman students can even apply to live in campus housing. Although it anticipates being able to accommodate all students who request summer housing, Housing and Residence Life reserves the right (based on space limitations) to deny summer housing to students who are not officially involved in some way with the University or who submit their application beyond the deadline. Housing and Residence Life must assign students to both private bedroom apartments and shared bedroom apartments. Therefore, priority will be given to student requests based on their start-year in college. For example, a third-year student who submitted an application by the deadline will be given priority over a second-year student. Applications will be made available online in mid-April.

Furman University is committed to providing equal access to its educational programs, activities, and facilities to all otherwise qualified students without discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other category protected by applicable state or federal law. An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer, Furman also affirms its commitment to nondiscrimination in its employment policies and practices. For concerns related to discrimination on the basis of disability, contact the Disability Services Coordinator, 864-294-2320, 3300 Poinsett Hwy, Greenville, SC 29613. For all other concerns, contact the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, 864-294-3015,3300 Poinsett Hwy, Greenville, SC 29613

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