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Room rates for our residence halls are per person and include furnishings and the cost of utilities. However, Furman's overflow housing—the Vinings at Duncan Chapel—do not include furnishings and utilities. Standard rates are based on the academic calendar. Summer rates are per week, and May Experience has a flat rate.

Academic Year Rates

First Year Housing

Residence Option Semester  Academic Year 
Triple occupancy:
Geer, Judson, McGlothlin, Poteat, Ramsay, Townes
​​$2,424 ​$4,848
​Double occupancy: 
​$2,827 ​$5,654
​Double occupancy: 
Geer, McGlothlin, Poteat
​$3,011 ​$6,022
​Double occupancy, suite-style: 
Judson, McBee, Ramsay, Townes
​$3,235 ​$6,470
​​Single apartment:
Blackwell, Judson, Poteat, Townes
​$3,331 ​$6,662
​Single occupancy: 
AD, Blackwell, Geer, McGlothlin, Poteat
​$3,360 ​$6,720
​Single occupancy, suite-style: 
Judson, Ramsay, Townes
​$3,360 ​$6,720

Upperclassman Housing

Residence Option Semester  Academic Year 
​Triple occupancy:
Haynsworth, Geer, Judson
​$2,424 ​$4,848
​Triple occupancy:
The Vinings at Duncan Chapel
​$2,535* ​$5,070*
​Triple occupancy with master bedroom:
The Vinings at Duncan Chapel
​$2,875* ​$5,750*
​Double occupancy:
Gambrell, Geer, Chiles
​$3,011 ​$6,022
Double occupancy:
The Vinings at Duncan Chapel
​$3,226* ​$6,452*
​Double occupancy, suite-style:
Haynsworth, Judson
​$3,235 ​$6,470
Judson, Chiles, Gambrell, Haynsworth
​$3,331 ​$6,662
​​Single occupancy: 
Chiles, Gambrell, Geer, Manly
​$3,360 ​$6,720
​​Single occupancy, suite-style:
​$3,360 ​$6,720
​Shared bedroom:
North Village
​$3,412 ​$6,824
​Green Belt Community cabins ​$3,426 ​$6,852
Private Bedroom:
North Village
​$3,654 ​$7,308
Single occupancy:
The Vinings at Duncan Chapel
​$4,992* ​$9,984*

* Rates for the Vinings at Duncan Chapel do not include utilities or furniture. 

Summer Rates

Summer residents are required to pay for housing at the Student Business Center during the first week of the summer session. Be sure to submit the Summer Payment Form​​ during your visit.

Residence Option Weekly Rate
Residence hall bedroom (Housing summer staff only) $120
Shared Bedroom Apartment: North Village $138
Private Bedroom Apartment: North Village $162

May Experience Rates

May Experience residents are required to pay for housing at the Student Business Center before the beginning of May Experience classes. The rate is $750, which provides students with campus housing through June 4 and includes 33 meals in our dining hall. Be sure to submit the May Experience Payment Form​​ during your visit.


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