Official Furman logos:

The Academic Logo to represent all academic and support areas.


The Diamond F Logo to represent Furman athletic and sport areas.


Logo colors:

Pantone violet and Pantone 425 (gray)

Official University colors:

Pantone violet and white

Logo Use:

The academic and Diamond F logos should be used as a signature.
On printed pieces (ads, brochures,newsletters) place the logo after all copy and materials, on the bottom of single page items, or on the last page or on the back of printed pieces with multiple pages.

The logo should be used in its original form and proportion.
You may use the logo at different sizes, but may not condense, extend or crop the logo. If resizing a logo, press your shift key down while scaling up or down. This will keep the logo artwork in proportion, preventing distortion.

Select the correct logo file for your use.
Each logo file name has a color code (CMYK; RGB; k) as well as a file extension—ai., eps., tiff, and jpeg. Vector files have an 'ai' or 'eps' extension; rasterized files have a tiff or jpeg extension. Click on the underscored file name to download the file you need.

Paladin Mascot logo:

The Paladin Mascot Logo to represent Furman's mascot, the Paladin. Not limited to athletics.


The Paladin Head-only Logo to represent Furman's mascot, the Paladin. Not limited to athletics.


Logo colors:

Dark purple - Pantone 2765C
Purple - Pantone 268C
Gray - Pantone cool gray 6C

Logo Use:

  • Logo to be used in these color configurations only
  • Under no circumstances is PMS 268 to appear in any tint less than 100%
  • Can be reversed white
  • Logo to be used in these configurations only
  • Head-only marks are not to be paired with typography as a single unit


Four-color process print (also referred to as CMYK or 'full color') download:
Furman Academic Logo CMYK.eps
Diamond F Logo CMYK.eps
Paladin Mascot Logo CMYK.eps
Paladin Mascot Head-only CMYK.eps

Black and white print download a 'k' file:
Furman Academic Logo k.EPS
Diamond F Logo k.eps
Paladin Mascot k.eps
Paladin Mascot Head-only k.eps

Spot color printing using pantone violet and pantone 425, download:
Furman Academic Logo.eps
Diamond F Logo.eps

Printing against a dark background, use the 'white' logo. Download:
Furman Academic Logo white.eps
Diamond F Logo white.eps

Web or e-mail use the RGB file.
Furman Academic Logo RGB.jpg
Diamond F Logo RGB.eps

The wordmark FURMAN may not be used separately from the bell tower symbol, nor can the configuration be altered in any way other than sizing up or down.

The bell tower or diamond F symbols may be used alone without the wordmark on premium items (embossing, embroidery or printing on hats, shirts, bags, etc.).

Furman Bell Tower.jpg
Furman Bell Tower.eps
Furman Bell Tower_k.eps
Furman Bell Tower_CMYK.eps
Furman Bell Tower_RGB.jpg

Please note: official stationery and business cards are provided through Furman University's Marketing and Public Relations office. Production or use of non-official stationery or business cards bearing the Furman University or Furman Paladin name, wordmark, bell tower or diamond 'F' symbol is prohibited. ​​​​​​​​​​​

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