Who is eligible?

  • Only students who are registered with Disability Services and have extended time for tests and/or are allowed to take tests in a low-distraction environment as accommodation(s) may take tests/ exams in the Disability Services testing room. Disability Services does not proctor tests for students who are not registered with this office.

How much time do I get to complete my test/ exam?

  • Students receiving extended time as part of their accommodation will have their time calculated according to the time allotted to the class [i.e., if the class gets 50 minutes to complete the test, a student receiving 1 1/2 times (150%) is allowed 75 minutes to complete the test].

How do I arrange to take a test/exam in Disability Services?

  • At least two (2) business days prior to the test, the student must complete the Testing Request for Students with Disabilities. The completed form must be e-mailed to the professor, Gina Parris and Betty Raby. Arrangements must be approved by the professor.

How soon should I make arrangements?

  • Tests should be scheduled with the Disability Services at least two (2) business days prior to taking the test. Due to limited testing space, we cannot guarantee availability without advance notice.

What about final exams?

  • Students who receive extended time or permission to take tests in a low-distraction environment should schedule as early as possible during the term to take their final exam with Disability Services. Disability Services will contact all students with these accommodations about 1-2 months prior to final exams to begin scheduling exams in our testing room. Final exam arrangements must be approved by the professor.

Should I bring extra paper and/or blue books?

  • Disability Services will provide paper for tests and exams, but will not provide blue books.

Should I bring my own calculator?

  • If the professor approves, you may use your own calculator. The professor may prefer to provide the calculator.

What happens once I arrive to take the test?

  • Before entering the testing room, students are asked to leave all items not pertaining to the test in the room with the proctor.

What happens if I arrive late?

  • It is important that students arrive on time for all tests/exams. The professor will be contacted to determine if the student may still take the test.

What should I do if I must leave the testing room during an exam?

  • If you must leave the testing room for any reason, place all papers face down, quietly leave the room, and let the proctor know why you are outside the testing room. Time spent outside the testing room is expected to be brief, and you may not leave the designated areas (testing room, proctor's office and restroom). Your time allotted for testing will not be adjusted for any time outside of the testing room.

What should I do once I have completed the test/exam?

  • Once you have completed the test/exam, quietly gather all papers (test, answer sheet, scratch paper, blank paper, blue book, etc.) and bring them to the proctor to confirm the time you finished. All items pertaining to the test/exam, including approved notes, scratch paper, etc., will be placed in a sealed envelope and returned to the professor as indicated.

What other information should I know about taking tests in the Disability Services testing room?

  • Students testing in the Disability Services testing room are subject to the same policies regarding academic integrity which apply to all Furman students. See Academic Integrity for more information.

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