How do I arrange for academic accommodations at Furman University?

  • Requests for academic accommodations are handled through the Disability Services office.  You will complete the online Initial Contact Form and provide documentation of your disability.

What kind of documentation is required?

  • The type of documentation required depends on the type of disability. Guidelines for documenting a disability are found under the Guidelines for Disability Documentation menu on the right of this page.

Who can provide me with documentation?

  • Documentation may be provided by a licensed or certified medical or mental health professional qualified to evaluate your disability. Referrals for testing in the Greenville area are available through the Disability Services office. Students are responsible for the cost incurred for this evaluation.

What additional information should I provide?

  • It would be helpful to know what accommodations you may have received in high school. Your school should be able to provide this information. There is a section on the Initial Contact Form that will allow you to enter this information.

Why is documentation necessary?

  • The documentation serves two purposes: it confirms the student's disability, and it indicates the recommended accommodations. The university will use this information to tailor reasonable and appropriate accommodations to your specific needs.

When should I submit my documentation?

  • Freshmen should submit their documentation to the Disability Services office soon after being accepted, but no later than JUNE 30th prior to the fall enrollment. This will allow DS to evaluate student needs and have appropriate accommodations in place as quickly as possible. Waiting until you arrive on campus may cause unnecessary delays.
  • Current students should submit their documentation as soon as possible.

What happens once my documentation is received by the Disability Services office?

  • Upon receipt, your documentation and Initial Contact Form will be reviewed by staff from the Disability Services office to arrive at preliminary accommodations for you. Final accommodations may be different from those recommended in your documentation.

How will I know if my academic accommodation request has been approved?

  • The DS Coordinator will notify you via e-mail when the review of your documentation and Initial Contact Form has been completed. If the evaluation indicates the need for academic accommodations, you will be asked to contact the office to schedule an appointment to discuss your accommodations with the DS Coordinator.

What happens at the meeting with the DS Coordinator?

  • The coordinator will discuss the recommended accommodations specific to your needs and address any questions or concerns you may have. Necessary forms will be completed, and you will receive your academic accommodation letters for the semester.

What are academic accommodation letters?

  • Academic accommodation letters are letters that outline the academic accommodations you receive. Each letter has an original with two copies attached. You will receive a letter for each class in which you would like accommodations.

What should I do with the letters?

  • You will take an accommodation letter to each of your professors and discuss the accommodations listed on your letter. After the discussion, you and the professor will sign each copy. The professor keeps a copy, you keep a copy, and you will return a copy to the DS office.

When do my accommodations become effective?

  • Your accommodations are effective once you and the professor sign the accommodation letter. Please note that academic accommodations are not retroactive.

How do I get my accommodation letters each term?

  • At the beginning of semester, you will stop by the Disability Services office to pick up your accommodation letters.

What if I'm not sure I need accommodations at the college level?

  • It is better to have the accommodations in place from the beginning, rather than to wait and see if they are needed. If you wait to request accommodations, there is always the risk of falling behind in your classes. Having accommodations available at the beginning of the academic year gives you a greater chance of success.

Will my disability and accommodations be kept confidential?

  • All information regarding your disability is considered confidential. Only with your written consent will information concerning your disability and/or the accommodations you receive be shared on a need-to-know basis with others in the institution.

Will my disability and the accommodations I receive be given to my employer?

  • Only with your written consent will your disability and/or the accommodations you receive at Furman be shared with anyone outside the university.
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