The Furman Advantage

The Furman Advantage Program provides competitive fellowships to students who participate in collaborative research with a professor or who obtain full-time summer internships that meet program criteria and also have an academic component directly related to their major or career goals. The funding supports students who might not be able to take advantage of these internship and research opportunities without financial support to help offset the cost of housing and/or travel -- this program applies to all students in all majors throughout the nation and the world.

Students who are awarded the fellowship submit weekly posts about their experience and prepare a paper to reflect on the experience they gained, how they reacted to a major challenge, and what they have learned about themselves during the internship.

The Furman Advantage stipends are paid in the $1,500 - $3,000 range and, while helping to offset some of the costs, they don’t cover all of the costs associated with their summer. The funding gap deters many students from taking advantage of internships, particularly those in large cities or abroad. Also, many students are not able to pursue research or internship opportunties because many of these positions are unpaid, and the students must use the summer to “earn money to assist with their educational costs.” Because of these factors, many students are missing a significant opportunity to learn.

Our goal is to increase the amount of funding available so that Furman Advantage can provide more support for students pursuing enriching opportunities. This would reduce the financial constraints that keep students from expanding their experiences; allowing more to graduate with increased skills and applied learning as they move on to careers or graduate school.

Breakdown of 2011 Furman Advantage Recipients (does not include students who have found internships without Furman Advantage Funding):

Total number of Research Fellowships: 67

  • Sciences: 48%
  • Social Sciences: 39%
  • Humanities: 12%
  • Fine Arts: 1%

Total number of Internship Fellowships: 92

  • Sciences: 25%
  • Social Sciences: 49%
  • Humanities: 10%
  • Fine Arts: 16%

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