Sexual assault support services

Furman University is an academic community committed to the goal of educating men and women to become responsible citizens and leaders in society. The university aims to develop individual excellence and to prepare students for life during and after college. Student Services, University Police, and Counseling Services Departments all provide educational programs. Furman is committed to having a campus environment which will neither tolerate nor condone sexual violence.

The Furman University Police Department staff are available on a 24-hour basis to receive and investigate reports of rape and sexual assault, assist and accompany victims in securing medical attention, participate in evidence preservation and collection, conduct investigations, and inform the victim of legal and administrative options both on and off campus. What to do if you are a victim of sexual violence:
  • Find a friend for support.
  • Get medical attention. A physical examination will help to assure that any injuries will be identified and treated and that sexually transmitted disease testing will be provided and followed up.
  • Evidence may be obtained and kept in case the victim decides to pursue criminal charges. Do not bathe, shower, douche or change clothes before the exam.
  • Report the crime. The decision to report is the victim's. There are several ways to take action, including criminal prosecution, going through the university's disciplinary system, or both. Contact the University Police or Vice President for Student Services.
  • If you are a victim of an off-campus assault, you should report this to the local police authority having jurisdiction. If you want assistance from the University Police Department with this process, a Furman police officer will accompany you upon request. We provide these types of support services and have a victim advocate in the department.
  • Seek counseling. Support through a trained counselor can help the victim understand and work through the trauma.
  • The Office of Student Services is responsible for university disciplinary procedures following a report of rape or sexual assault between students. Both accuser and accused are entitled to have an advisor present at all hearings and proceedings. Both parties shall be informed of the outcome of any disciplinary hearing. Possible sanctions for being found guilty include but are not limited to, expulsion, probation, counseling and other sanctions as deemed appropriate by the hearing body. The victim's academic and living situation will be changed upon request if reasonably available.

Surviving crime with assistance

The issue in life is not whether we will experience tragedy; the issue is how will we recover from it. If you are a victim of crime, it is helpful to recognize that the experience is traumatic. Feeling violated and vulnerable because someone has forcefully entered your private space and rifled through your personal belongings is an understandable reaction to property crime. Fear that other types of crimes may happen is also a common reaction. Responses to a crime range from temporary sleep or appetite problems to problems of concentration or irritability. Most of these symptoms are temporary and may gradually fade after you talk with friends, family or a counselor. If you have been a victim of a personal crime by a stranger or acquaintance that involved a physical, armed or sexually aggressive confrontation, we encourage you to seek support. All services listed below are confidential

On-campus support
      Counseling Services 294-3031
      Chaplain's office 294-2138
      Earle Infirmary 294-2180
      Vice President for Student Services 294-2202
      Director of University Police 294-3555
      University Police Victim Advocate 294-2111
Off-campus support
Rape Crisis 2- hour line 232-8633
Victim-Witness Assistance, Solicitor's office 268-8612

Hate crimes

The Furman University Police Department (FPSD) is committed to protecting the state and federal civil rights of all individuals.  Any acts or threats of violence, property damage, harassment, intimidation, or other crimes designed to infringe upon a person's civil rights will be treated seriously and given high priority.  The FPSD will use every necessary resource to identify the perpetrators rapidly and decisively, and to arrest and prosecute them while at all times taking into consideration the victim's desire on how to proceed.

A hate crime is any occurrence of criminal homicide, sex offenses, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, arson and any other crime involving bodily injured reported to FPSD or other law enforcement agency that manifest evidence that the victim was intentionally selected because of the perpetrator's bias.

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