frequently asked questions about faculty and staff computer Upgrades and installs.

  • What about the data I have on my computer?
    Option 1 - ITS will transfer your data when your new computer is installed.  Music and pictures can drastically increase the amount of time it takes to transfer your data.  If you have a large collection of music and pictures you may want to consider moving it to external storage before your scheduled installation appointment.  We can install the new computer but another visit will need to be scheduled for large amounts of data trasnfer.  

    Option 2 - You can do your own data transfer and receive, at no charge, a new USB drive which is yours to keep.  Please let us know now if you would like to take advanatage of this option and do your own backup.  This option is not available at the time of installation.
  • Will I be able to print?
    If you have a new Windows computer you will find a folder on your desktop called Install My Printers.  Inside you will find shortcuts to your department's networked printers. Simply double-click the shortcuts to install the networked printers.

    If you have a new Mac your printers will already be installed.
  • What software is on the new computer?
    You will have all of the latest versions of software that Furman is licensed for already installed on your new machine. If you have purchased additional software licenses, please let us know ahead of time and we will do our best to have the software already installed on your machine before we come out for the install. Basic Furman software for Windows includes: Microsoft Office Suite, Anti-Virus, Datatel and some utilities such as Acrobat Reader. On Macs you will get Microsoft Office Suite, Anti-Virus and some utilities.

    For more software information look here: Standard Furman Software
  • What happens to the old computer?
    The old machine is held for 30 days before we fully erase the hard drive. The machine will then be redeployed to another user so that Furman can get as much useful life from the machine as possible. If the machine is too old, we will dispose of it.
  • How long will the installation take?
    The time needed to install your computer will be around 30 minutes. An appointment will be made with you for the installation. Don't forget to remove CDs or floppy disks from the computer before we arrive.  If you would like ITS to backup and restore your data please add approximately 1 hour per 10 GB of data to the installation time.
  • Do I need to be here when the computer is installed?
    It is required that you be present when your new computer is installed.  We can do the installation without you present if we have written/email permission from you ahead of time.
  • What kind of connections do I need in my office?
    An active, wired network connection with a good quality network cable and power connections are required to operate the computer. If we are installing a computer in a new location that does not currently have a computer installed you will want to check for these connections.

It is our goal to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your new computer. A form will be brought along with your new computer for you to sign and send to ITS once your data is restored.

Please call or email the IT Service Center if you have any questions or concerns.

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