What to do if you  ....

  • Need health care services

      Contact the appropriate physician for an appointment. Your medical insurance pays more when you use an "in-network" physician. A listing of "in-network" physicians, specialists, and facilities is available on Cigna's website.​

      If you require surgery or an in-patient hospital stay, you or your physician must pre-certify the treatment or you will be penalized up to $500 on your charges. Call 1-800-251-0669 to pre-certify.

  • Need prescription drugs

      Take your prescription card to one of the national chain drug stores that accepts Cigna insurance. You can get up to a 30-day supply. You pay the co-insurance amount and the pharmacy will file the insurance information for you.

      If you have an on-going prescription, you may get a 90-day supply by using the mail order service. You pay a co-insurance amount equal to a two month supply (a one month savings) and complete the mail order prescription form available in Human Resources.

  • Need eye exams and glasses

      You will receive a discount for your annual eye exam and prescribed glasses or contacts by using the doctors at LensCrafters, Gosnell-Chapman Vision Care at Cherrydale or on mycigna.com using the Healthy Rewards Program with vision discounts if you have CIGNA medical.  Annual eye exams and glasses/contacts are not covered by your medical insurance.

  • Anticipate having medical expenses beyond co-pays

      During open enrollment in November, estimate the expenses you will pay during the next calendar year and complete a form for the 125 Medical Reimbursement Plan. Forms are available on-line. An amount will be deducted from your pay check before taxes are calculated.

      Obtain receipts to show your out-of-pocket costs for your medical expenses and file them with EZ Flex (forms on-line). You will receive a check  or a direct deposit to reimburse you for the expenses.

      Your receipts must match or exceed your annual costs to obtain all of your reimbursement. If your expenses are less than your deductions, you will lose the difference.

  • Your child reaches the dependent age limit (19 or 26)

      Notify HR within 30 dayas of your child's birthday that he/she has reached the dependent age limit and whether or not you intend to continue insurance coverage.

      If you do not continue coverage, remove your dependent by completing forms available in Human Resources

      If you want to continue coverage, and your child is attending school on a full-time basis, obtain a letter from the college or university registrar's office. This proof of enrollment is required each year.

      If you want to continue coverage and your child will not be attending school full-time, you may elect to continue the insurance coverage under COBRA for your unmarried child by paying an additional premium and completing a form available in Human Resources.

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