Furman University encourages all faculty, staff and students to be pro-active in our recycling programs. Bins and containers are located throughout the campus to capture recyclable materials.

The recyclables are collected weekly and transported to a recycle center where they are sorted and distributed to manufacturers who turn them into useful products helping us conserve our valuable resources.


Thanks to you, recycling programs are actually making an impact. Many of the products on the market today are manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials. There’s just one thing to do: Buy them!

The "cycle" in recycling

You collect the recyclable materials and the manufacturers buy them to make into products again. Anyone involved with recycling programs, purchasing or manufacturing has heard the phrase "Buy Recycled". Why is it important to "Buy Recycled"? In order for the collected materials to have value and to actually be re-used in the manufacturing of products, there needs to be a demand for those new products made from recycled materials. We create that demand by purchasing products made and /or packaged with recycled paper, steel, aluminum, glass and plastic.

Purchasing recycled content materials helps us "Close the Loop," thus sustaining and ensuring the continuation and expansion of recycling programs everywhere. As consumers purchase more products with recycled content, we will encourage manufacturers to use more recycled materials in their products and to extend their use of recycled content to more types of products.

Each time we recycle, we help save natural resources, reduce energy consumption, conserve clean air and water, reduce landfill space, save money and expand the job market.

Join us today in our efforts to be good environmental citizens. Check out Furman's latest Recycling Brochure.

For more information about Furman Recyling Programs, contact Phil Lewis at (864) 294-3275 or by e-mail at phil.lewis@furman.edu.

Learn More about Recycling

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