Cardboard Recycling on Move-in Day: Beginning in 2005, EAG members worked with Facilities Services to provide cardboard recycling during September move-in. The first year, we recycled 6 tons of cardboard!
Furman Biodiesel
Information on Furman's own biodiesel processor and production! Visit the website.
Plant Rescues: EAG members work with the South Carolina Native Plants Association to rescue native plants in areas that are about to be developed.
Annual Earth Month Display: EAG presents large displays in the University Center for Earth Month to make students aware of environmental issues like climate change, pollution, and animal rights.
Annual Organic/Heirloom Plant Sale: Each year, member of Furman’s EAG work together to plant, grow, and sell heirloom plants to members of the Furman and Greenville community. Members sell plants through individual orders, over the internet, and at the Greenville Downtown Market.
Working Retreat to Dr. Perry’s Farm: As a fundraiser, EAG members travel to Dr. Travis Perry’s CSA farm to plant crops, plough land, muck plough horses, mow grass, feed goats, and bond.
Paris Mountain State Park Friends Day: EAG sets up at the Paris Mountain State Park Friends Day to sell our organic heirloom plants.
Recycled Notebooks at activities fair: EAG distributes recycled notebooks at activities fairs throughout the year. Made from paper that is printed on only one side and bound with twine, these notebooks are both functional and emphasize the values of reusing resources.
Wind Energy Campaign: EAG conducted a survey of Furman students in Spring 2006 to gauge campus-wide support for renewable energy. In Fall 2006, EAG proposed a resolution to raise in student fees to pay for renewable energy credits in order to offset current energy consumption by putting wind energy on the national grid.
Reedy River/Lake Conestee Cleanups: When the opportunity arises, EAG joins community wide efforts to clean these important features of Upstate South Carolina.