As members of the Furman community, we support our university’s efforts to reduce its environmental impacts and implement campus-wide sustainability principles. By all doing a little, we can accomplish so much!

Our apartment/room pledges,
for the 2007-08 school year, to try our best to:

  • Collect recyclable materials, and take our recycling to the correct bins nearest our building.
  • Turn off the lights when we are last to leave a room.
  • Turn off the television, stereo, and appliances when we leave the room.
  • Take shorter showers, and turn off the water when brushing teeth.
  • Set our computers to go to sleep mode after 5 – 10 idle minutes.
  • Keep the apartment temperature at a moderate level throughout the year.
  • Take advantage of the dining hall’s local food section when menu options are comparable to what we would like to eat.
  • Walk and bike to classes.
  • Carpool every time we have to drive.
  • Encourage each other and our friends to act in an eco-friendly way when the opportunity arises.

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