What We Do

College Democrats enjoy being a politically active student organization. Besides our regular club meetings, we provide many events and opportunities for both our members and non-members to become active and informed in government and politics. Highlights of our successful events include:

  • Coming 02/17/08: President Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager, Steve Hildebrand, to campus for a public address

  • Acting as an Election Day Strategic Location for the South Carolina Democratic Party and Barack Obama’s Campaign for Change

  • Volunteering with Greenville Young Democrats, including phone-banking and door-to-door canvassing for local candidates

  • Sponsoring a week-long series of film screenings relating to issues defining the 2008 presidential elections. The films viewed were An Inconvenient Truth with Dr. Weston Dripps, Street Fight with Dr. Glen Halva-Neubauer, Sick Around the World with Dr. Carmela Epright, and No End in Sight with Dr. Mike Bressler.

  • Co-hosting a debate with the College Republicans – participants Abby Elsener, Madison McClendon, and Brian Highsmith did a fantastic job!

  • Co-sponsoring a voter registration drive with FU Students for Barack Obama

  • Raising money for the Obama campaign by selling donated t-shirts



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