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AED South Carolina Beta Honor Cord Policy
This policy applies to all AED members. To remain an active member and receive an honor cord, members must accumulate a certain number of points by the end of their senior year. See the breakdown below to determine how many points you must earn by your graduation.

--Seniors must accumulate 15 points, with at least 6 points devoted to service.
--Juniors must accumulate 30 points, with at least 12 points devoted to service. To remain an active member each year, you must accumulate 15 points each year, with 6 points from service (thus, 15 by the end of your junior year, and 15 more by the end of your senior year to total 30)

If you have further questions, please email me at

* Points awarded approximately 1 point per hour
** Officers and committee chairs must attend 70% of the officer meetings to receive full credit for being an officer (approximately 5 out of the 8 meetings per year)

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