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AED South Carolina Beta Honor Cord Policy
According to the National office, Alpha Epsilon Delta is both an honor society and a service organization. A member is joined into the privileges as well as responsibilities of membership. Members in Furman University's AED are at an advantage because contacts between themselves and other pre-health students, medical/health students, physicians, educators, and our pre-med advisor are promoted through our Chapter's activities. Service to the community is at the root of health care, and the Furman University Chapter, South Carolina Beta, also serves to promote and unite similarly interested students for the benefit of the community.

To stay as an active member and receive an honor cord, the AED member must obtain 15 points per year with 6 of the 15 points devoted to service within AED. Therefore, in order to graduate as an active member indicated by receipt of an honor cord, a member would have to obtain 30 total points over the 2 years (beginning with induction), 12 of the points spent in service to the community. The breakdown of points is as follows:

click here to download Up-to-date member point totals: UPDATED 5/8/06
Point Programs and Events Points Received
Participate in Service Projects
Attend National or State Convention
Attend AED Sponsored Speakers
Assist with the Blood Drive
Assist with Fundraising Events
Assist with the AED Newsletter 1-2*
Attend Information Sessions 1
Function as AED Officer 5**
Attend Monthly General Meetings and Elections 1
Officer/Advisor Discretion Unspecified

* Points awarded approximately 1 point per hour
** Officers and committee chairs must attend 70% of the officer meetings to receive full credit for being an officer (approximately 5 out of the 8 meetings per year)

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