Highlights of the 2008 trip included
: Homestays in Amatlan and Oaxaca Mexico; studying the 2006 protests in Oaxaca; hiking and spending the night at the Benito Juarez ejidal community in Oaxaca; meeting with the Fathers Dean Brackley, Jon Sobrino, Rogelio ponseele and Sister Peggy O'Neill in El Salvador to discuss issues relating to poverty and personal vocation; shadowing Peace Corp volunteers in Morazan, El Salvador; hiking with former guerrillas on the Guazap volcano in El Salvador, cave tubing in Belize; visiting the Mayan site Tikal in Guatemala; hiking the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala to see the lava flow.....and many more.

Readings from the 2008 trip included: Roderic Ai Camp's, Politics in Mexico: The Democratic Consolidation; Daniel Wilkinson's, Silence on the Mountain: Stories of Terror; John Booth, Christine Wade and Thomas Walker's, Understanding Central America: Global Forces, Rebellion and Change; Hector Lindo Fuentes, Erik Ching and Rafael Lara's, Remembering a Massacre in El Salvador: The Insurecction of 1932, Roque Dalton and the Politics of Historical Memory.